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DTU Skylab Digital is a gathering point for all innovation with a digital backbone. In the Digital Lab, we offer high-quality tech support for students and startups with a digital backbone and an ambition “to make the digital real” by building testable prototypes.

Skylab Digital offers a range of resources and support. Whether you are curious to work hands-on with digital technologies, already has a clear project that needs guidance, a premature project idea or a startup within the field of digitalization, Skylab Digital is a great place to start. Get in touch by filling out this form.

Students, Researchers, Startups

Whether you’re building a physical prototype, developing specialized ingredients for a sustainable food revolution or creating the next Facebook, Skylab can help you on your journey.


Students, researchers, startups

The lab is open for students and researchers to use, and offers a selection equipment and tools that may be borrowed by agreement with Skylab staff.

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Students, Researchers, Startups

At DTU Skylab Digital, we have designed several courses to introduce you to specific technologies, and to help you get started with the practical application of these technologies.

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The increasing power and capabilities of technical solutions raises important questions regarding ethical behavior and the responsible gathering and use of data. To address this, we place a specific focus on human-centric technology, sustainable societies and how technology fundamentally changes our everyday lives. In this area, we work with closely with DTU Compute who are making headway in the safe application of AI.

Read the ethical guidelines here (in Danish).

Applied AI Lunch Talks are where industry meets academia around the themes of Society, Technology and Business.
This semester, we are proud to present several talks around the theme of applied AI with industry experts sharing their insights and perspectives.

Applied AI Lunch Talk September 7th

Applied AI Lunch Talk October 12th

Applied AI Lunch Talk November 9th

Applied AI Lunch Talk December 7th

Find out more at AI Denmark's website.


Thomas Vain

Thomas Vain Digital Lab Manager


Kristine Garde

Kristine Garde Head of Technology