DTU Skylab FoodLab is the Technical University of Denmark's multidisciplinary laboratory for food system change and innovation. We are located inside of Skylab, DTU's innovation hub.

Our mission is to support food and agriculture based innovation and entrepreneurship. We train the next generation of engineers to address food systems in a sustainable and systematic way by building connections across food system actors. Ideas and projects are tested in close cooperation with researchers, organizations, industry, policy makers, farmers, artists and chefs.

We operate across borders, exploring how technology can be fundamental in solving food challenges in both developed and developing regions of the world.

A creative space

The lab provides a space for students to experiment and create new food products, agricultural technology, and business models across the food system and across engineering disciplines through both its mentorship and its physical kitchen-laboratory.

At the lab, we have a fully-equipped kitchen for food prototyping and product development in addition to space for brainstorming and prototyping ideas across the food system (e.g. culture, policy, social and environmental sustainability).

The Skylab FoodLab connects across the other workshop facilities in Skylab and integrates into Skylab activities and the greater DTU community. Students have access to all of Skylab’s workshops: metal, wood, Fab-lab, Digilab, and Wetlab. This allows people to connect their ideas for food system change across all prototyping mediums and forms of tangible outputs.


Form a collaboration with DTU Skylab FoodLab, apply for an internship, or do your research in our innovative hub. Read about the opportunities below or contact the staff.

We act and inspire locally and internationally. We are interested in establishing future collaborations and partnerships with innovators, universities and organizations, working in the field of sustainable development and food system change.

Our facility can host product development activities, events, workshops and interdisciplinary lectures in collaboration with, but not limited to, industry, university, governmental, NGO and non-profit based groups.

Contact the DTU Skylab FoodLab manager, Roberto Flore, at to learn more about possible partnerships and collaboration.
The FoodLab is interested and open to hosting food and food system related projects from all courses across DTU. To date, DTU Skylab FoodLab has hosted student activities and semester projects across a range of DTU departments including but not limited to DTU Food, Mechanical Engineering, and Holistic Design & Innovation.

The Skylab FoodLab takes a systems approach to research and product development across the food system (e.g. ranging from agriculture, processing, supply chain, to consumption and disposal). From this perspective, many engineering skillsets are relevant to address challenges and opportunities in our global food system.

If you are a professor or course responsible interested in collaborating on course projects or curriculum please contact the Skylab FoodLab manager, Roberto Flore, at

The lab supports projects through student and young entrepreneur startups, DTU course collaborations, master’s and PhD theses, student side projects, research collaborations, and industry partnerships. 

Your project does not fit into these categories? That’s okay! The Skylab FoodLab aims to support and encourage projects across all areas, so send a note to DTU Skylab FoodLab manager, Roberto Flore, at or come on by and discuss your project ideas with our team.

The Skylab FoodLab welcomes students and researchers from across the globe for 3-6 month internships. We promote radical self-reliance and participation. Skylab is your stage - feel free to propose activities and radical projects!

You will be responsible to build up your own dream internship project, that ideally aligns with the Skylab’s mission and values.

 Please download our internship guide here for more info and email the team at


Roberto Flore

Roberto Flore Manager, DTU Skylab, Foodlab Mobile: +45 52732253