DTU Skylab

The equipment and space to boost innovation

DTU Skylab houses labs, workshops, auditoriums, open spaces, and project rooms. On these pages, you can get an overview of our main facilities and how to get access to them. We invite everyone interested to come by and learn more.

In Skylab, students, researchers, and collaborators can get access to test ideas in prototype workshops that can facilitate work with wood, metal, electronics, 3D printing, laser cutting, filming, and editing, as well as chemical and biological laboratory work.

Core facilities:

Students, Researchers

  • Fabrication and prototyping: Well-equipped workshop facilities that can support you in the fabrication of your prototype. Read more!
  • Foodlab: A multidisciplinary laboratory for food system change and agriculture based innovation. Read more!
  • Science labs: Well equipped labs covering molecular biology, biotechnology and chemistry at a highly scientific level. Read more! 
  • Skylab Digital: A gathering point for innovation with a digital backbone. Find offers, support, lab resources, projects and courses. Read more!

Read more about how to get access under the individual facilities.

Students, Researchers

Get access to an inspiring working space and workshops/labs for product and business development.

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Students, Researchers

Whether you’re building a physical prototype, developing specialized ingredients for a sustainable food revolution or creating the next Facebook, Skylab can help you on your journey.

Use this form to tell us about your project and team so we can connect you with the right people. 

Questions? - Contact: Kristine Garde

General facilities:

All Skylab Users

No matter what kind of entrepreneurial journey you have begun in Skylab, you will definitely need one or more of these at some point:

  • Event space: Be a part of an ambitious and open community of students, researchers, startups and corporate partners. Read more!
  • Meeting rooms: As a student or researcher you are welcome to book a meeting room at DTU Skylab. Read more!
  • Skylab cafe: Great coffee, fresh pastries, warm lunches and quick sandwiches. Read more! 

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