Developer Hall

Are you looking for:

  • A place to work on your hardware project and prototype 24/7?
  • Easy access to workshops, labs and technical support from experts?
  • The possibility to recruit students and expose your ideas to industry experts?
  • A vibrant Deeptech environment housing DTU students, startups and industry actors?

If the answer is yes, then keep reading!

The DTU Skylab Developer Hall is calling for hardware projects and large-scale prototypes that:

  • Require working space and access to workshops/labs for product and business development
  • Can see the benefit of engaging with DTU students and scientists for furthering their technology development

Terms and conditions

You are actively associated with DTU – e.g., DTU student or researcher, DTU Blue Dot project, DTU (pre)startup.

We expect you to be working actively on your prototype. You should continually demonstrate the progression of your work and your presence in Skylab Developer Hall.

You show strict adherence to the Skylab safety rules.

We provide workspace in the Skylab Developer Hall for 3 months at a time, and there will be quarterly mandatory performance reviews.

Download the Commitment Contract here.

Applying to Join Skylab Developer Hall

If you are accepted, you will get access Skylab Developer Hall where you and your team can work on your hardware product 24/7.

As part of the Skylab Developer Hall, you will have access to the labs/workshops, meeting rooms and other facilities in Skylab. You will have regular meetings with personnel from the Skylab Technology and Business Team, and take part in regular talks/sessions with the other developers.

We place a high value on engagement with our students and the Skylab community, and we expect you to contribute to making Skylab a fantastic place for aspiring technology entrepreneurs through knowledge sharing and engagement in activities.

After reviewing the applications, we will invite the best candidates for an interview before making the final selection. The review of applications is ongoing.

Apply for being a part of DTU Skylab Developer Hall

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Students, researchers

Whether you’re building a physical prototype, developing specialized ingredients for a sustainable food revolution or creating the next Facebook, Skylab can help you on your journey.

Use this form to tell us about your project and team so we can connect you with the right people. 

Questions? - Contact: Kristine Garde


Kim Mikkel Schølte

Kim Mikkel Schølte Development Engineer


Rasmus Malone Jørgensen

Rasmus Malone Jørgensen Workshop Manager, Metal & Wood DTU Skylab Mobile: +45 93511771