Fabrication and prototyping

At DTU Skylab you find well-equipped workshop facilities that can support you in the fabrication of your prototype. Our highly skilled engineers can point you in the right direction concerning materials, user interfaces, design for manufacturing and so on.

DTU Skylab

The rapid prototyping workshop is where to start for a quick and dirty mockup of your idea. The workshop is designed to allow you to run several iterations quickly and cheaply.


  • Prototyping must be related to projects or startups at DTU
  • You must be registered in the workshops before you start


Welding workshop

Welding workshop

Wood workshop

Wood workshop

Metal workshop

Metal workshop

3D printing

3D printing workshop

Laser cutting

Laser cutting workshop

Skylab electronics workshop

Electronics workshop

Gain access to the workshops? Contact:

Responsible for Machine, Metal, Wood and Welding

Martin Meister

Martin Meister Workshop Foreman

Responsible for Machine, Metal, Wood and Welding

Frank Andersen

Frank Andersen Production engineer

Responsible for Rapid prototyping and Electronics

Responsible for Machine, Metal, Wood and Welding

Rasmus Malone Jørgensen

Rasmus Malone Jørgensen Engineer assistant and precision engineer