Applied AI Lunch Talk


Applied AI Lunch Talk


07. sep 2023 12:00 - 13:00


DTU Skylab Auditorium and online

Applied AI Lunch Talk

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Applied AI Lunch Talk

The Talk

Navigating the AI Act: A Collaborative Approach Between Engineers and Lawyers

The forthcoming AI Act challenges existing legislative paradigms, emphasizing self-criticism and multidisciplinary collaboration. This talk explores those new compliance requirements for multidisciplinarity, and looks at how we can create better collaboration models between lawyers and engineers.

Using AI to Create Value From the Data Haystack 

When working in a large enterprise, there is no shortage of data or potential ML/AI focused projects. The main challenge lies in identifying the right value-creators, ensuring data quality, and not underestimating the change management journey. This talk will introduce three Novozymes applied AI use-cases, as well as the motivations behind, executions and considerations taken. We will also discuss how the recent surge in LLMs (e.g., ChatGPT) has affected the company, and what factors to recognize when incorporating such models in the day-to-day of business.

The Speakers

Léonard Van Rompaey, Ph.D from The University of Copenhagen.
Since 2014 he has been focused on law and AI, where his award-winning research has led him to collaborations with organizations such as Teknologisk Institut, the Danish robotics sector, and numerous appearances in Danish media. Currently, Léonard is teaching at the law faculty of the University of Copenhagen, while running workshops for law firms, consultancies, and public institutions.

Victoria Payne, Data Engineer, Advanced Analytics & BI at Novozymes

Victoria is a Data Engineer in Advanced Analytics at Novozymes. She works with sourcing and processing data for data-driven projects as well as maintaining compliance and establishing guidelines for the use of AI in Novozymes. Victoria values keeping up to date with new technologies while still possessing a critical outlook on which of these can truly surpass the hype and create value.

Peter Mørch Groth, Industrial PhD at Novozymes
Peter graduated from DTU as M.Sc. in Mathematical Modelling and Computation in early 2022. With a specialization in machine learning, he is now an Industrial PhD student at Novozymes and the University of Copenhagen. His research is focused on machine learning-driven enzyme engineering.



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