Applied AI Lunch Talk

Augmented Hearing September 22nd

AI will drive audio into the next era

by Augmented Hearing

When humans interact socially via speech, our brains do an extraordinary job converting pressure waves into neural encodings of phonemes, words, sentences and concepts that we can make sense of, reflect on, and respond to. Some times, the challenge is too hard, like if you are in a noisy party and head for the dance floor because it just feels too tiring to have a conversation.

Augmented hearing is setting out to bring the ideal sound scene to you at all times. Just like when your smartphone camera enables you to take beautiful photos by blurring the background, making the subject even more clear and vivid. This is enabled via AI. For good reasons, AI tools are rarely applied to your audio scenes. Bridging AI with neuro science and audio insights, we envision a future where people can have clear and fluent conversations without being unnecessarily drained from poor audio conditions. 

Bio: Mette Carstensen

Graduated from DTU as M.Sc. Biomedical Engineering in 2017. Specialised in ML, DSP and Auditory Signal processing, generally focused on signals from and functional images of the brain. Worked with Digital Transformation for McKinsey & Co, and subsequently with developing audiological algorithms for hearing aids at Demant. Genuinely passionate about bringing technology to improve people’s lives.

How can AI/ML help to make best use of the worlds agricultural resources?


At FOSS our mission is to provide data and insights to help the food industry make optimal use of raw materials and reduce food waste. In this presentation we will share insight on the journey we are on to apply data science and machine learning to address some of the big challenges the world is facing. It is a journey full of possibilities, but also a journey which emphasizes a range of practical challenges that needs to be addressed to apply data science to support a truly data driven food production system.

BIO: Toke Lund-Hansen

He has a background in physics and computer science and holds a Ph.D. from the Technical University of Denmark. He has been working for FOSS during two periods initially from 2011 developing technology for X-ray and spectroscopy instruments. After a few years in a start-up, he now manages a team of specialist developing our spectroscopic, x-ray, and vision technologies and their integration in FOSS’ products. Lately, with a strong focus on vision and AI.

BIO: VP for frontend Innovation, Thomas Nikolajsen

Thomas holds a Ph.D in Optical Science from DTU. Since then he has worked with innovation in industry and various startups with focus on how to apply new technology to address key problems associated with sustainable food production. He has been with FOSS since 2020 heading a cross discipline innovation team responsible for scoping the development of the company's future solution.

FOSS on September 22nd
Paragit on October 20th

Personalized treatment for neurodegenerative disorders through applied deep learning approach in combination with advanced wearables

by Paragit Solutions

Parkinson’s is the second largest neurodegenerative disorder and is the fastest growing one. The current golden standard for diagnosing movement-related disorders like Parkinson’s is unfortunately still based on a completely subjective standard scale. This leads to several major consequences for the overall society and especially in the long term with a 47% misdiagnose rate in primary care and often results in a very late diagnosis. We at Paragit Solutions combine the latest hardware wearable technology with applied deep learning to analyze and cluster potential upcoming patients based on their abnormal muscle fluctuations during the day.

BIO: Mohammad Filfil

He is the founder, and CEO of Paragit Solutions and is leading the overall product development. Filfil received a master’s degree in electronic engineering from DTU in 2019 and San Jose State University -Silicon Valley. He is the inventor of two patents used in Paragit’s hardware sleeve. Previously co-founded 3 other startups within deep tech and hard tech and have mostly been the lead developer of hardware products.

Bridging the epilepsy treatment gap through an AI enabled, low cost diagnostic solution

by BrainCapture

80% of people with epilepsy live in low- and middle-income countries where EEG services are hard to access. BrainCaptures aims to bridge the epilepsy treatment gap through an AI enabled, low cost diagnostic solution. This presentation provides an insight into BrainCaptures' solution.

BIO: Tue Lehn-Schiøler

He is the CEO of BrainCapture. He holds a PhD in machine learning and has been applying AI to real world problems for more than 15 years.

BrainCapture on October 20th
Amesto (Laura Frølich) on November 10th

AI Due diligence

by Amesto

One remarkably interesting case involved a due diligence study of data and machine learning aspects of a start-up that a venture capital fund was considering investing in. We will describe how we approached this systematically and the focus areas of our study, as well as our experience in this area from our AILab initiative.


BIO: Laura Frølich

She is Lead Data Scientist at Amesto NextBridge Denmark. Previously, Laura applied data science in the water sector and supervised MSc students at DHI, did consulting at Teradata and researched non-specific effects of vaccines at the Danish SSI. Laura holds a PhD in machine learning from DTU. 



NLP on Incident reporting

by Amesto

During the COVID crisis, we applied Natural Language Processing techniques to aid the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent automate their categorization of disaster response reports globally. 

BIO: Emilie Lundblad

She is Managing Director at Amesto NextBridge. Former quant & startup entrepreneur, turned Data & AI nerd. Cand.Oecon from SDU, ML & AI from MIT, MSc. IT Management from ITU - writing thesis on AI. Guest speaker at ITU & MIT 2022, Make Data Smart, Genesis, Dansk IT.

Amesto (Emilie Lundblad) on November 10th
Force Technology on December 1st

Transforming an old labour-based service to an automated machine solution based on AI

by Force Technology

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) for large critical structures, like wind turbines.

Development has gone a slow transformation based on the need of the industry. When the need to go places where we can send humans, like nuclear reactors, we solved it by automating the inspection and data collection. Automated data collection was a success, and the last 30 years data collection  has been standard part of our services.

On the wave of new disrupting companies in the 2010s, our CTO asked the question: How could we disrupt our self? Big data, cloud storage and automated data evaluation was on the list. Since we have been working on improving the total inspection speed with rapid high-quality data and fast algorithm-based evaluation.

BIO: Mikael Fuglsang

He is project manager in Digital Service at FORCE Technology, changing the way our customers work with data from their quality inspection. Working in the field of building automated mechanics solution that’s tailored to fit their product inspection and training AI models to become specialise in analysing the data for quality control.

Design the future

How do we design a fantastic future? What are the practical applications of AI and how do we make it happen? Johan will talk about building AI products in the real world, the future we’re headed towards, and invite the audience for an open dialog.

BIO: Johan Jessen

He has spent the last 10 years in Silicon Valley designing advanced technology in fields such as AI, robotics, biotech, aerospace, and self-driving cars. Previously, he led the Autonomous Design team at Lyft and launched moonshots at Google X. 


Johan Jessen on January 23rd
BKI on February 9th

Can AI help create the perfect cup of coffee

by BKI

Is it possible to use AI to predict how a cup of coffee will taste? BKI believes so. Nicholaj will be taking you through the journey BKI has been through building an AI product that can help create the right blend of coffee beans to create the required taste of a cup of coffee.

BIO: Nicholaj Månsson Olsen

Nicholaj has spent the last 7 years at BKI building and implementing systems to digitize their production and create the foundation for advanced analytics. He has led projects related to data warehousing, digitization, and automation of processes and AI/Machine learning. 

Human-centric AI

by Ambolt

In his talk Andreas will take you for a deep dive of how Applied AI can generate value today. He presents how Ambolt AI helps domain experts boost their efficiency with AI. Ambolt AI calls this Human-centric AI.  

BIO: Andreas Berre Eriksen

Co-founder of Ambolt AI has a background in Computer Science, and is on a mission to empower people with AI. At Ambolt AI we don’t believe AI will replace people, but we do believe people, who use AI will replace people who don’t.

Ambolt on February 9th
Corti on April 27th

Improving Patient Outcomes with AI: How Corti is Changing the Game

by Corti

In healthcare, the ultimate goal is to improve patient outcomes. In this talk, we’ll examine how Corti’s innovative technology is transforming the way healthcare providers assess and treat patients. We’ll explore real-world case studies from Corti as well as the future of AI technologies in healthcare.

Bio: Henrik Cullen

Henrik Cullen is the VP of Product at Corti AI. He has led the development of most of the product and enjoys working closely with customers to improve the experience for healthcare professionals and patients. Henrik is committed to continuing to develop innovative AI solutions that make a real difference in the lives of patients and healthcare providers.

Utilizing AI/ML in large manufacturing processes


As we navigate the fourth industrial revolution, the integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning has revolutionized how we optimize production, enhance quality control, and streamline operations. Join us for a talk where Shabab, Senior Data Scientist at ROCKWOOL A/S, will discuss and explore the challenges and opportunities surrounding the implementation of AI and ML solutions, shedding light on the ease and complexities involved in reshaping the future of manufacturing.

Bio: Shabab Akhter, Senior Data Scientist at ROCKWOOL

Shabab has a background in Computer Science and over 5 years of experience working at the intersection of technology and business. He combines his deep technical expertise and ability to easily and effectively communicate complex technical terms to deliver end-to-end solutions. In his career so far, he has been responsible for both managing and developing AI/ML solutions that transformed business processes in multiple industries.

ROCKWOOL on October 10th
LAIKA on November 9th

The Power of the Personal: Making AI for Individuals 


LAIKA's founders believe that the next stage of AI will focus on the personal: crafting unique experiences for each individual user. They've been exploring this for the last year with a personalised creativity tool for writers, and are now set to pivot to crafting a full-fledged "writers room" with AI. In this talk, they'll share wisdom from their journey so far, including 3 specific actions startups can take to personalise their AI offerings.

BIO: Charlene Putney, COO, Write With LAIKA

Charlene Putney is an award-winning writer and teacher from Ireland. After working at Google and Facebook in management positions, she's been writing for videogames since 2013, including writing for Divinity: Original Sin 2 and Baldur's Gate 3.

BIO: Martin Pichlmair, CEO, Write With LAIKA 

Dr Martin Pichlmair is Associate Professor at the Creative AI Lab in ITU, and a veteran entrepreneur with several games studios under his belt including the multi-award-winning Broken Rules.


Harnessing computer vision and overcoming the data challenge

by Focalx

In this talk, we'll dive into how focalx harnesses traditional AI, specifically computer vision, as a foundational pillar of its business model. We'll explore the challenges posed by data scarcity in training ML models and unveil the innovative solutions we've adopted. Discover how, by employing generative AI and other cutting-edge techniques, focalx creates synthetic data to bridge the gap, ensuring more accurate and reliable vehicle inspections.

BIO: Isabella Merrild Agdestein, CEO & Co-founder at

Isabella, once a pro dancer, has since delved into the world of Autotech entrepreneurship. Her experiences span Strategy & Implementation Consultancy and are further enriched by her Master studies in Finance & Strategy. She founded focalx, a B2B SaaS startup disrupting vehicle inspection and handovers using AI.


Focalx on November 9th