Applied AI Lunch Talk


Applied AI Lunch Talk


09. nov 2023 12:00 - 13:00


DTU Skylab Auditorium and online

Applied AI Lunch Talk

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Applied AI Lunch Talk
Isabella Merrild Agdestein, CEO & Co-founder at

Harnessing computer vision and overcoming the data challenge at focalx

In this talk, we'll dive into how focalx harnesses traditional AI, specifically computer vision, as a foundational pillar of its business model. We'll explore the challenges posed by data scarcity in training ML models and unveil the innovative solutions we've adopted. Discover how, by employing generative AI and other cutting-edge techniques, focalx creates synthetic data to bridge the gap, ensuring more accurate and reliable vehicle inspections.

Charlene Putney, COO, Write With LAIKA

Martin Pichlmair, CEO, Write With LAIKA

The Power of the Personal: Making AI for Individuals

Right now, generative AI is everywhere. But most of the tools out there offer generic one-size-fits-all experiences for users. LAIKA founders Charlene Putney and Martin Pichlmair believe that the next stage of AI will focus on the personal: crafting unique experiences for each individual user. They've been exploring this for the last year with a personalised creativity tool for writers, and are now set to pivot to crafting a full-fledged "writers room" with AI. In this talk, they'll share wisdom from their journey so far, including 3 specific actions startups can take to personalise their AI offerings.