Spring 2021

The Ignite Spring 2021 teams are:

Innovative tech-enhanced glue gun for the composite industry.

Topic: Clean Tech

Business optimization through data-driven configuration based on generic mass customization principles.

Topic: Industry 4.0

Magnetic sensing of cancer remittance

Topic: Health Tech

Integrated IT platform to automate the shortlisting process in a diverse, transparent and unbiased manner.

Topic: Digital and Services

Hard exoskeleton gloves for a sustainable workforce and improved life quality of people

Topic: Health Tech

Peltier element driven scalp cooling system for preventing hair-loss in chemotherapy treatment.

Topic: Health Tech

3D-printing climbing holds to make them recyclable and cost effective

Topic: Clean Tech

Migraine relief by temperature regulation of the head

Topic: Health Tech

Sustainable and tasty protein-rich food product from mycelium.

Topic: Food Tech