Fall 2021

The Ignite Spring 2021 teams are:

VC treatment of fruits and vegetables in the supermarket prolongs life  and increases public health.

Topic: Food Tech

Tokenisation of Energy Assets to Finance the Clean Energy Transition

Topic: Clean Tech

Cider/wine brewing machine with all the insider knowledge required to take care of your batch.

Topic: Food Tech

Unlocking a fully automated operation in mining through prediction models.

Topic: Industry 4.0

Green fiber shell technology production for the replacement of conventional bottle materials.

Topic: Industry 4.0

A solution for aerogenous pathogen detection of pneumonia in the nursing home.

Topic: Health Tech

Cloud based personal computing in Virtual Reality

Topic: Digital and Services

AI-powered invoice anomaly detection to prevent B2B transaction fraud.

Topic: Digital and Services

Online study and exam platform for university students.

Topic: Digital and Services