Fall 2017

The Ignite Fall 2017 teams are:

Venomaid Diagnostics presents a solution for rapid diagnostics of snakebite victims, providing a reliable diagnostic result within minutes.

Topic: Health Tech

iTeach is a service which offers the possibility to get access to high level education, through private tuitions with private instructors.

Topic: Others

Our speaker is based on the concept that every individual can contribute with their own speaker when arriving at a party and other arrangements.

Topic: Design

Allumen is a sustainable piece of bio-art which is revealing the natural phenomenon of bioluminescence.

Topic: BioTech

IoT system that allows advanced and flexible in-house production, QC and can automate chemical experiments.

Topic: Industry 4.0

Communication aid (tablet + application) with relevant symbols and sentences used with head tracking as interaction method.

Topic: Health Tech

We produce preclinical antibiotics for the pharmaceutical industry.

Topic: Health Tech

Urban Seat er en siddeplads, der nemt og hurtigt kan monteres på en lygtepæl.

Topic: Design

Online matchmaking in video games as an open source project.

Topic: Digital and Services

Designing and developing a prototype for consistent, effortless and straightforward mounting of strain gauges for material testing.

Topic: Materials