Fall 2018

The Ignite Fall 2018 teams are:

Provides you with an ingredient powder mix, which is the main tool to produce a delicious and sustainable dairy-free cheese at home.

Topic: Food Tech

A hardware and software solution that will be connected to commercial sensors measuring pH, Temperature, Redox, methane & CO2

Topic: Industry 4.0

Smilyzer prepares patients for dialysis at an early stage by monitoring and assisting them in hand-squeezing exercises during nerve maturation.

Topic: Health Tech

The AUGIT glasses enhance human perception by enabling direct vision for drivers in Heavy Good Vehicles using augmented reality.

Topic: Design

Provides users with a multi-functional pocket-sized alarm. The device monitors your belongings, any moment that will trigger an 110dB siren.

Topic: Digital and Services

BlueBenu develops technology to treat plastic pollution. Converting mixed & dirty plastic to low-footprint crude oil and sustainable petrochemicals.

Topic: Clean Tech

TransSense makes assistive technology for the visually impaired. A merge of machine learning with haptic design to sense the environment.

Topic: Health Tech