Spring 2019

The Ignite Spring 2019 teams are:

We are a young start-up who met through Hardtech Entrepreneurship and are now looking to begin the next step of our journey. BringBike looks to allow users to bring their bike on their bus journey through smart bike racks mounted on the back of the busses. The target entry market for the product is bus operators covering rural areas and outskirts of major cities in Denmark.

We want to produce and distribute organic fermented beans with inspirations from japanese Natto. Fermenting food is becoming more and more popular due to its taste, health and environmental benefits. We want to make scientific evidence and knowledge in order to introduce the consumption of fermented beans to Scandinavian consumers and to produce it in the most sustainable way – and develop further products based on beans.

Incept sustainability is an online platform created to assist and guide startups and SME’s in becoming sustainable. The platform will contain concrete and tangible guides meant to teach and engage managers as well as employees about sustainability.

CUPNHAGEN reduces single-use coffee cups by offering customers a circular and convenient alternative. We are creating a circular system for cups made of sustainable materials. Through designing an accessible network for cafés, canteens, and kiosks to join, CUPNHAGEN aims to make it convenient for consumers to prefer reusable coffee cups over single-use cups. Our solution addresses the sustainable development goals 9.4, 11.6, 13, and 14 by The United Nations.

Aerial tools is targeting to manufacture a VTOL UAV that is light enough to be carried and assembled anywhere by anyone. It combines the benefits of multirotor performing surveys from takeoff to landing independently of a pilot and higher distances, flight time and speeds as fix wing UAVs. The targeted solution is a platform with exchangeable payload system to cover multiple applications.

Mellow mission is to design and create products of highest quality and outstanding design, utilising up to 100% of upcycled or recycled materials. We believe that it will encourage improvement in resource usage, together with popularization of application of truly sustainable materials.

An interactive toy that will be present in the classrooms of primary schools to raise awareness in children regarding the environmental impact of their daily actions in the building, and help municipalities to make schools more sustainable.