Open Innovation X

Is your heart beating for innovation? Then you are in the right place. Welcome to Open Innovation X!

Open Innovation X (Oi-X) is DTU Skylab’s flagship event, uniting students with diverse backgrounds in interdisciplinary teams across Danish universities. Once set up, group members combine their diverse set of skills and knowledge to come up with open, innovative ideas addressing sustainability challenges brought to Oi-X by its industry partners. Through collaboration, exploration and creativity, new ideas and concepts gradually come to life during a 2-day Innovation Sprint, aiming to solve some of the wicked sustainability problems we are facing as a society.

What is in it for you?

Get access to real world challenges, improve your developer skills, and prove your business savvy

  • Receive guidance from prominent experts and meet industry leaders
  • Collaborate with Danish organizations and companies
  • Get to know students from different study programs and realize your potential as a team player
  • Practice your business pitch performance and tweak your proposal under a limited time period
  • Impress Oi-X partners and continue working on your idea within an incubation period
  • Step your foot in the door. And by that we mean network!

See the upcoming Oi-X event below!

Learn more about the sprint at and sign up to get your spot!

All bachelor and master students are welcome to join the event as participants, whereas businesses can connect as partners.


Sara Dømler

Sara Dømler Project Coordinator DTU Skylab Mobile: +45 93511955