Technology Leaving No One Behind

Technology Leaving No One Behind is a flagship partnership initiative providing opportunities and support to make inclusion and accessibility a natural part of engineering new sustainable technological solutions at DTU.

Technology for all people

Technology Leaving No One Behind puts attention to accessibility, inclusion and the social impact of your solution.

Accessibility and inclusion can enhance the usability and functionality of your solution, as well as drive innovation of new ideas and increase market reach to larger user groups. It leads to better solutions for all people, and enables the 15% of the global population with disabilities to have equal opportunities for participation and contribution to society.

Technology Leaving no one Behind drives a number of activities, offers and events, including:

  • Entrepreneurship and innovation programs and activities, case competitions and workshops, as well as seed grants, network and coaching for start-ups working in the field of inclusive design, universal design and assistive technology.
  • Extracurricular activities, tools and methods to support and introduce students to universal design in both research, education and technological innovation, guided by Assistant Professor, Dagný Valgeirsdottir.
  • Strategic initiatives, ecosystems and partnerships externally and internally at DTU to ensure the full future anchorage of the initiative.

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If you are an external partner, end-user, researcher, educator, student or entrepreneur, we provide opportunities for you to get involved.

Since 2019, Technology Leaving no one Behind has engaged external partners, researchers, educators, students, startups and end-users from the national and international ecosystem in making inclusion and accessibility a natural part of engineering sustainable solutions at DTU.

We provide a wide variety of opportunities and support for getting involved with the initiative through strategic partnerships, educational and entrepreneurial opportunities.

If you didn’t find what you are looking for, or you want to know how you can get involved, we are always open for a coffee or a chat. Find our contact information below.


We believe that driving sustainable, inclusive change requires cross-sector collaboration and partnerships on real-world challenges.

Learn how to partner with us as civil society or industry representative or become part of our Expert User Panel.

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innovation & entrepeneurship

We offer entrepreneurial opportunities and support to accelerate entrepreneurship and drive innovation of inclusive technological solutions. 

Learn how to get started innovating inclusive solutions or check out our offers for entrepreneurs and students.

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Inclusive Design Tools

The Ability Prompt Cards is one of our tools for inclusive design. Each card represents a disability and can help you create universally designed solutions, that are accessible for all.

Ability Prompt Cards - a tool for Inclusive Design

The Ability Prompt Cards is a part of our open-source design tool Playbook for Universal Design, where we share methods for facilitating workshops and design processes.

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A Partnership Initiative

Technology Leaving No One Behind is powered by DTU Skylab and enabled through partnerships with The Bevica Foundation, Disabled People’s Organizations Denmark, Association of Youth with Disabilities, and DTU Entrepreneurship.