Skylab Pilots

Skylab Pilots was a three-year programme, funded by Industriens Fond, that matched deep-tech startups with external businesses and DTU students and researchers to develop innovative solutions.


Skylab Pilots was a joint venture between DTU Skylab and Industriens Fond, marks a significant chapter in Denmark's innovation narrative. Over its three-year tenure, this program has evolved 30 companies, encompassing startups and SMEs, through a series of 15 distinct technology partnerships. This initiative stands as a testament to the combined efforts of academia, industry, and visionary funding, showcasing how collaboration can drive substantial advancements in the technological sector.

The Journey

In partnership with Industriens Fond, Skylab Pilots created an environment where innovative ideas and practical expertise came together to forge new paths. Here's what we accomplished together with their support:

  • Elevating Startups: Startups thrived under the guidance of DTU's vibrant ecosystem, benefiting from collaborative research and student involvement.
  • Empowering SMEs: SMEs integral to the program experienced a boost in business confidence and a deepened commitment to fostering startup growth.
  • Student Engagement and Growth: DTU students, at the heart of the program, enriched their educational journey through practical, hands-on experiences.
  • Crafting a Model for Future Endeavors: The program's learnings and successes have been condensed into a model, offering a blueprint for future innovation collaborations.

Key Insights and Recommendations

Our comprehensive final report provides:

  • Enhanced approaches in project management for successful collaborations.
  • Better utilization of DTU Skylab's resources for maximal project benefit.
  • Improved navigation within DTU’s organizational structure for efficient partnerships.

Learn More About Skylab Pilots

Connect and Discover

For more information about Skylab Pilots, please contact Kristine Garde, Head of Technology at DTU Skylab. We remain committed to continuing the legacy of innovation and collaboration fostered by the Skylab Pilots program.

Learn more about Industriens Fond and their other programs and projects here.

Skylab Pilots at TechBBQ

Skylab Pilots took part in the 2023 edition of TechBBQ which allowed participating startups to show off their products as well as meet potential partners, customers, and investors. In this video, we meet some of the participants of Skylab Pilots and their perspective on what it means to have access to Scandinavia's largest event for tech enthusiasts and entrepreneurs.

Participating in events like this is one of the many ways that the programme supported the startups by supporting them to make even more fruitful connections with the community, thereby increasing their impact on our society.

Panel Discussion at the Digital Tech Summit 2023

In this panel discussion, Kristine Garde, Head of the Technology Section at Skylab introduced Digital Tech Summit to the programme and its results. The panel discussion journeys from the initial objective and start of Skylab Pilots with support from Industriens Fond, the underlying method behind Skylab Pilots, milestones of the programme and the possible options for developing Skylab Pilots to the next level.

The panel consisted of four participants from both Industriens Fond, the SME and 3D-print expert, Prototal Damvig, the medtech startup, Exo360 and a DTU student from the femtech startup, Uvisa Health. The panel discussed their shared experience from Skylab Pilots and what their biggest achievements had been by participating in the programme.