Scale-up Champions

The Scale-up Champions project is unlocking collaboration potential between deep-tech startups, investors and corporates across Europe. Connect, scale-up and boost your growth.

Get funded by leading investors

Individual startup investment plans and deal rooms will be created to help startups find their investing super-match. It will give founders know-how on becoming investment ready and help build their fundraising capacity. After completing the plan, the startup is fully equipped to raise investment and will be brought together with angel investors and VCs. 

Test your market-fit and scale operations

Did you know that EU startups generate most of their revenue through B2B activity? It means that establishing relationships with corporations is essential for scaling-up. This collaboration will bring corporate companies and startups together to build sustainable partnerships. New market opportunities will be created for corporates and startups will get the support needed for scaling up. 

Receive expert mentoring and support

The online incubation connects startups across Europe with their local tech hubs. Without physical travels, startups get support from local mentors and can access workshops held by international deep-tech superstars. Moreover, thanks to the founder-to-founder learning, startups will be introduced to like-minded founders, allowing them inspire each other, share experiences and know-how.

Sign up to Market discovery missions

Startups will have an opportunity to grow their international network, meet new business partners and expand to the new markets in tailor-made market discovery missions. Incubators will set up individual meetings with relevant stakeholders, which will ease the entering a new market. These missions will also include trainings covering local business cultures and market peculiarities.


We are looking for rising deep-tech startups based on three main aspects:

  • Business: Europe-based startups with chances of global roll-out. Customer validation is done and the initial business model is tested. Already invested in or generates significant revenue by bootstrapping.
  • Team: Strong core team with key positions (marketing, technology, leadership). There is a real market problem that could be solved by complex technology based product. 
  • Market: There is a large or growing global potential or high-value niche. Startup is looking for next investment to grow effectively.

Scale-up Champions are working mainly to increase the connectedness between deeptech incubators in five ecosystems; Estonia, Denmark, Lithuania, Poland, Spain.

Check out more and sign up for our offers at the Scale-Up website.

Catalogue of deep tech startup ecosystems
Read our catalogue and get an an extensive overview of high quality resources available to you as a founder, investor or corporate company looking at expanding your business into the Danish, Estonian, Lithuanian, Polish and Spanish startup scene.

Download catalogue in PDF here.


Marie Brøns Nørgaard

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