Projects 2021



Team: Uvisa

Description: Light based medical device for treatment of vaginitis.
: DKK 76.500 / 150.000
Funded by: Kai Houmann Nielsens Fond / NIMBS Fond


Team: Diasense

Description: High sensitivity magnetometer for recurring cancer detection.
Funding: DKK 50.000
Funded by: Kai Houmanns Nielsens Fond


Team: Syncsense 

Description: The next generation of VR therapy.
Funding: DKK 75.000
Funded by: BEVICA


Team: PinPoint 

Description: Ping-able, self-recharging, green-energy tracking devices.
Funding: DKK 150.000
Funded by: Den Danske Maritime Fond



Description: Digital energy platform using data to motivate tenants reduce consumption

Funding: DKK 41.000
Funded by: NIMBS Fond


Team: AgroPrint

DescriptionSeeding system for conservational agriculture

FundingDKK 150.000
Funded by: NIMBS Fond


Team: Tollson 

Description: Filtration technology for wastewater treatment plants. 
Funding: DKK 43.000
Funded by: Tranes Fond


Team: Tempty Foods
Description: Foods of the future from mycelium

Funding: DKK 100.000

Funded by: Kaptajn Aage Nielsens fond


Team: Nordhelm

Description: Peltier element driven scalp cooling system for preventing hair-loss in chemotherapy treatment

Funding: DKK 87.500

Funded by: Kaptajn Aage Nielsens fond