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Welcome to DTU Skylab, and thank you for considering us as the host for your teaching!

Innovation and entrepreneurship is at the heart of everything we do, and by choosing to host your course with us, you have also chosen to make these topics an important element of your teaching. That makes you the educator of the great innovators of the future, to the ultimate benefit of all of society. Thank you for that.

We want to support you as well as we can in making your course a success, and to us, that means being active partners in every course we host. This involvement can take many shapes such as lab and workshop usage, guest lectures and teaching modules, mentoring, or cases. If you do not plan to involve us at all, DTU Skylab is probably not the right teaching venue for you. 

To make sure our expectations match from the very beginning, we have written up a course commitment contract. The contract outlines what you can expect from us and what we expect from you during your course. Hosting your course with us requires you to read and accept the contract. Find it here.

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Applications for the Autumn semester 2024 must be submitted no later than March 31st 2024. If you have any questions, please reach out to

Expert teaching modules by DTU Skylab

Whether you host your course in DTU Skylab or elsewhere at DTU, we offer a wide variety of expert teaching modules within innovation and entrepreneurship. Take a look at our plug-and-play modules below and contact the relevant project managers to learn more.

Field work, co-creation, partnerships targeting needs and markets in development countries, including humanitarian sector.

Duration: 45-90 mins

Speaker: Marie Louise Pollmann-Larsen

Project ManagerMarie Louise Pollmann-Larsen

Why and how to develop inclusive technologies leaving no one behind. Focus on diversity in user-groups and giving a concrete toolkit for your development process.

Duration: 45-90 mins

Speaker: Dagný Valgeirsdóttir, Postdoc

Project Manager: Marie Louise Pollmann-Larsen

Build a mindset where the customer – not the technology – is the driver for your startup, and get some simple tools to use in the field.

Duration: 60-120 mins

Project Manager: Alexander Egebjerg

Team Manager: Jonas Eliasson

Learn about the 6 hands-on methods of pretotyping. The goal is to validate your project within hours and days, rather than weeks and months.

Duration: 45-60 mins

Project Manager: Alexander Egebjerg

Learn to find your way around startup grants available in Denmark. The goal is to be able to identify a relevant foundation and know how to start writing an application.

Duration: 30-15 mins.

Project Manager: Amanda Borup Pedersen

Funding and Partnerships officer: Nana Fjord de Paula

Learn about some key elements in presenting your startup idea. The goal is to be able to prepare and present a relevant and understandable investor pitch.

Duration: 30 min or 2 hours – depending on if the students are pitching themselves (recommended) – can also be split in 2x 60 mins.

Project Manager: Alexander Egebjerg

Team Manager: Jonas Eliasson