Co-creating with company representatives from Vestforbrænding and students across disciplines in a facilitated 1-day innovation sprint!

At 2023's DTU Skylab Minisprint, students worked side by side with company representatives, fellow students from different study lines and researchers. By collaborating with Vestforbrænding, participants learnt and applied DTU Skylab design tools & methods targeting the development of ideas for sustainability.

The problem statement was: How might we reuse construction waste at our recycling stations enabling easy delivery, handling, transportation and collection of the reusable material?

Case information

Denmark has one of the world’s largest amounts of waste per capita and 40% of that originate from construction materials. If we could reuse construction materials in a more sustainable way, then we cannot only replace new material and minimize the waste amount, but also build more sustainable buildings in the future. However, experience shows that a requirement to the recycles scale is storage space and location. At the same time, the recycling stations are an important factor for the work with recycling. That is why we would have to find more sustainable solutions; to collect, transport and store the recycle units collected from the recycling stations.

One of our most important tasks is to engage and involve citizens and industries to change their recycling habits and to get them start recycling for reuse, this must be a ‘simple and easy to manage’ solution, that does not have to require a broad waste knowledge and it cannot be too time consuming either.

How the Day Happened


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