Your innovation partner

The goal of the Innovation Partners is to support the innovative research environments across all DTU departments and centers, which are key to placing DTU among the best technical universities in the world when it comes to a culture of innovation.

We support research-based innovation and a culture of cooperation and knowledge sharing about innovation across DTU’s departments and centers. The purpose is to assist DTU’s researchers in bringing new ideas and inventions from the research laboratories into society to create growth and new solutions to challenges in society.

We value a close connection and continuous dialogue with each individual DTU department.

  • DTU Management
  • DTU Space
  • DTU Offshore
  • DTU Electro
  • DTU Wind Energy
  • DTU Compute
  • DTU Nanolab
  • DTU Physics
  • DTU Center for Entrepreneurship
  • DTU Energy
  • DTU Construct
  • DTU Aqua
  • DTU Chemical Engineering
  • DTU Biosustain
  • DTU Learn for Life
  • DTU Bioengineering
  • DTU Food
  • DTU Sustain
  • DTU Health Tech
  • DTU Chemistry
  • DTU Engineering Technology

How can the innovation partners assist you as a DTU researcher?


  • By coaching the team in the process of creating a start-up
  • By facilitating access to DTU’s eco-system for innovation
  • By supporting funding for your pre-startup internally from DTU and from public funds

Research applications:

  • By giving input and guidance to impact sections and providing relevant market data
  • By supporting research collaboration with industry and across DTU