Applied AI Lunch Talk


Applied AI Lunch Talk


18. apr 12:00 - 13:00


DTU Skylab Auditorium and online

Applied AI Lunch Talk

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Applied AI Lunch Talk

Talk 1:

Building a City-Scale Local Digital Twin for The Future of Public-Space AI


AI and Smart Cities is a hot topic for developers, governments, citizens and organinisations, but how do we realise the concept of an AI-driven Smart City in reality? How do we match the needs of citizens with technology, and ensure that we are developing in a safe, ethical manner and that AI processes are well-described, transparent and have business value? In this talk, Ben will explain the components, value-creation, challenges and future of the City Scale AI-Powered Local Digital Twin.


Speaker: Ben Cahill, Innovation Manager at DOLL Living Lab

Ben Cahill is an Innovation Manager at DOLL Living Lab, Europe’s Largest Outdoor Living Lab, under the banner of We Build Denmark, the national cluster organization for Buildings and Infrastructure. Ben has a background in impactful high-tech R&D and is currently engaged in the development of a Local Digital Twin at city-scale.

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Talk 2:

Empowering AI solutions with synthetic data


While computer vision applications are common across industries, training custom AI models can be challenging. The process of training these models is not only costly but also demands substantial data. To address these AI constraints and amplify the value of AI applications, companies should pivot to synthetic data. Gartner predicts that by 2030, most of the data leveraged in AI will be synthetic: artificially generated by rules, statistical models, simulations, or other techniques. Join us for an inspiring session on synthetic data and how it is used across industries.


Speaker: Sherry List, Co-founder & CEO SyntheticAIdata and Senior Program Manager at Microsoft

Sherry brings extensive experience from working in various positions within the tech industry for over two decades. She has been associated with a diverse range of companies, from budding startups to tech giants like Microsoft.

Apart from her everyday job, she is the chairperson of the board at Hack Your Future Copenhagen, a non-profit organization that supports disadvantaged groups in Denmark by providing them with the necessary skills to become web developers. She is also a co-founder of the ngVikings and ngSpain conferences, as well as some Meetup groups, such as ngCopenhagen, Women Techmakers Denmark, and ForDevs. She loves animals and supports various non-profit animal protection organizations.


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