DTU Skylab

DTU Startup Day

Dedicated to the Ecosystem: A Sold-Out DTU Startup Day Celebrated Entrepreneurship and Innovation


Over 600 people and more than 60 startups joined this year’s largest celebration of entrepreneurship and innovation at DTU Skylab. The event brought together a diverse group of guests, including investors, funding organizations, donors, engineering students, and academia, for a grand celebration of DTU’s innovation ecosystem.

Mikkel Sørensen, Director of DTU Skylab, shared his enthusiasm, “I always look forward to this particular day in the ecosystem. It’s the whole innovation ecosystem at DTU coming together to showcase what happens when you mix diverse academic disciplines with entrepreneurial mindsets, all motivated to make a real positive impact on our common society.”


A Myriad of Tech Startups, investors and donors

The cohort of 63 startups each represented a diverse range of innovative solutions within areas such as mining, digital, robotics, AI, future housing, mental health, and biotech. The exhibition area at DTU Skylab was fully utilized, creating a lively atmosphere from start to finish.

“The fact that we are able to host so many different disciplines under one roof never ceases to amaze me. It’s the very definition of a melting pot of great ideas and achievements,” Mikkel added.

More than 120 investors and donors participated in the celebration, making new connections through a tour-de-force of networking with the many startups, only interrupted by talks from startup alumni and great pitch sessions.

Photo: Marie Bentzon

5 Awards - Including a Brand New Inclusion Award

DTU Startup Day 2023 concluded with an engaging award show, featuring awards from partners like the BioInnovation Institute, Danish Tech Challenge, and Keystones. The new Inclusion Award, powered by Technology Leaving No One Behind and the Bevica Foundation, was a highlight.

Ingrid Haug of Technology Leaving No One Behind explained, “The Inclusion Award aims to raise awareness of the importance of inclusivity in startups, and to inspire engineers to how they can take a more active part in shaping our society with technology that’s usable by all people.”

The first Inclusion Award went to the startup Meta Learn, which has developed an app to assist people with mental health issues through metacognitive therapy.

Asbjørn Fredslund, Co-founder of Meta Learn, said, “Meta Learn is on a mission to help as many people as possible achieve better mental health through interactive exercises. This mission makes this year's Inclusion Award particularly meaningful for us. Mental well-being should not be reserved for a few; it is a universal issue for everyone, and creating a solution to that remains a core value in Meta Learn.”

Photo: Marie Bentzon

Readying Up for Next Year

With the 2023 edition concluded, the next event is planned for spring. Secure your spot now by signing up at https://dtu.events/dtustartupday2024/signup.