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The FoodLab is interested and open to hosting food and food system related projects from all courses across DTU. To date, DTU Skylab FoodLab has hosted student activities and semester projects across a range of DTU departments including but not limited to DTU Food, Mechanical Engineering, and Holistic Design & Innovation.

The Skylab FoodLab takes a systems approach to research and product development across the food system (e.g. ranging from agriculture, processing, supply chain, to consumption and disposal). From this perspective, many engineering skillsets are relevant to address challenges and opportunities in our global food system.

If you are a professor or course responsible interested in collaborating on course projects or curriculum please contact the Skylab FoodLab manager, Roberto Flore, at

FoodLab course


Roberto Flore
Manager, DTU Skylab, Foodlab
DTU Skylab
+45 52 73 22 53