The following is a short overview of the equipment we have available.

Fixed Lab Equipment

  • 3 “Gamer spec” PCs (Win10 with relevant other software installed)
  • 1 Small Linux server
  • 1 HTC Vive Pro Eye Room Scale VR set and tracker (permanent fixed setup in lab)
  • 2 Electronics stations (Lab Power Supply, Function Generator, Oscilloscope)
  • 86” Flatscreen and wireless presentation hardware.


Equipment to borrow

  • 2 GoPro 360 video cameras, stands and SD cards.
  • 2 Oculus Quest VR headsets and Android handset.
  • Raspberry Pi models 4 and Zero. Supporting hardware – PSUs, SD cards etc.
  • Arduino Nano and various supporting hardware.
  • 5 Zybo FPGAs.
  • Analog Discovery 2 Digital Workstations (2) and USB oscilloscopes (2)
  • Seed Studio Grove Series sensors and actuators – numerous devices compatible with the Grove system for Pi and Arduino.
  • Electromagnetic hardware – NEMA Stepper motors, Servos, Valves, Pumps etc. Supporting hardware – controllers, PSUs etc.
  • Displays – LCD, Segmented, OLED, E-Ink displays and supporting hardware.
  • Electronics prototyping – breadboards, jumpers, leads, switchable PSUs etc.



  • Small selection of passive components (please go to the electronics workshop for a larger selection)
  • Small selection of active components (mux, h-bridges, AD converters, power management, batteries, LEDs, etc.)
  • Selection of sensors and input devices (buttons, pots, encoders, gesture, environmental, proximity etc. etc.)

DTU Skylab Digital is continually expanding our equipment stock. If you require special hardware or software, please contact Ben Cahill


Ben Cahill
Innovation Officer
+45 93 51 09 87
19 JANUARY 2021