Skylab Incubator

Apply for The Skylab Incubator and become part of the incubator.

If you are accepted, you will get access to the shared office space on the first floor of Skylab. Here you can work with you team 24/7 alongside other ambitious teams.

The incubator is for early stage start-ups, who are in the phase of figuring out their product/market fit. We will work with you on identifying the best version of your product to start out with, and identifying the most accessible first customer segment. As part of the incubator, you will have access to the workshops, meeting rooms and other facilities in Skylab. You will also have regular meetings with a start-up coach, and be invited to regular talks/sessions with the other incubatees.

We value engagement with the DTU students and the Skylab community highly, so we expect you to contribute to making Skylab a fantastic place for aspiring technology entrepreneurs.

Start-ups will get access to the incubator for 3 months at a time, and there will be quarterly performance reviews. If a start-up does not work seriously with their project, or if they are not contributing to the community, the contract will not be prolonged. Maximum incubation time will in any case be 18 months.

After applying the best candidates will be invited for an interview before final selection.

How do I apply to Skylab Incubator?

Apply here

The Skylab Incubator program is developed in the frame of the Interreg funded Nordic Entrepreneurship Hubs, a strong partnership between the incubators at KEA, CPH business, LU and more to come.