We believe that everyone has a relationship to food, and that everyone in the world is affected by the way in which food is designed, produced, distributed and consumed.
Our mission is to provide our community of innovators a supportive environment where ideas run wild. We promote diversity and celebrate failure as necessary steps for innovation. We encourage critical discussions. We stand for progress, for moving society ahead, for inspiring others. We are makers. We are bound by common values of honesty, transparency, ethics and commitment towards what we do.

How to join/use facility

The FoodLab facility
Our facility can host product development activities, events, workshops and interdisciplinary lectures.

DTU students and young entrepreneurs working in the field of food, food tech and Agro-tech, have free access to the FoodLab facility.

We act and inspire locally and internationally. We are interested in establishing future collaborations and partnerships with innovators, universities and organizations, working in the field of sustainable development and food system change.

The DTU Skylab FoodLab has various equipment for experimenting with and testing food ingredients.


Roberto Flore
FoodLab Manager, DTU Skylab
+45 52 73 22 53
29 MARCH 2020