DTU Skylab Digital

DTU Skylab Digital is a gathering point for innovation with a digital backbone. At DTU Skylab Digital, we collect expertise from researchers, business people, students and other experts-in-their-fields to create a synergy around making the digital real.

How to join/use facility
DTU Skylab Digital is open 24/7 and requires no special access. (Subject to change). If you intend to use the facility, or if you need help, please email Ben Cahill benca@dtu.dk 
Please note that it is not possible to book this room for e.g. private meetings. 

DTU Skylab Digital is constantly expanding our equipment stock. If you require special hardware or software, please get in touch.
The physical lab has the following equipment for use on-site:

“Gamer spec” PCs (Win10/Ubuntu dual-boot, with relevant other software installed)

Vive Pro Eye VR headset and tracker

4k Big Screen 

Zybo FGPAs (ARM and FGPA)

Analog Discovery 2. Measurement/Logging platforms

Raspberry Pi 

Android handsets

Selection of sensors and actuators

Selection of electronic components and materials

All equipment is supported by documentation and by Introduction Workshops (TBA).

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Ben Cahill
Innovation Officer
+45 93 51 09 87
19 JANUARY 2020