Skylab Toolbox

Here you will find files and templates for DTU Skylab's programmes and other relevant links.

DTU Skylab Sprint Kit: Deck of cards with methods and approaches to structure your next design sprint.

Technology Leaving No One Behind:
Ability Prompt Cards to foster empathy & challenge how your solution could scale to a broader group of users

Check out DTU Skylab's Universal Design Playbook for developing inclusive solutions here (beta-version)

DTU Skylab Ignite:
Team contract template: A template for your start-ups’ Team Contract (or Start-up Manifesto if you like)

Skylab Ignite Dialogue Tool: This Dialogue Tool will help kick starting and supporting a dialogue between start-ups and start-up coaches or mentors where the key activity is to create an overview of the opportunities and hurdles surrounding the start-up. The tool is also designed to help start-ups set goals and reach them.

Guidelines for Pitching with Fire!

DTU Skylab Funding:
Skylab Guide to Crowdfunding: 10 step guide helping you build your first crowdfunding campaign.

Other relevant links:
CPH start-ups – web links: A document containing web links to some relevant companies, organizations etc. which are helping start-ups on their way.

Skylab Program Application Templates:

European Venture Programme Startup Description Template

Skylab Funding Startup Description Template

Skylab Ignite Startup Description Template

Skylab Incubator Startup Description Template