Real World Inclusivity Challenges

Technology Leaving no one Behind provides opportunities to collaborate with a variety of external challenge partners on challenges from real people with real societal impact as a student or startup.

Real world inclusivity challenges are innovation challenges within accessibility and inclusion provided by either industry, user-organizations or end-users. These challenges serve as key sources of innovation demonstrating where people are being left behind in their access to technological solutions and where innovation is needed in order to include the 15% of the global population with disabilities and develop better solutions for all. 

How do I work with a challenge?

All students enrolled in an institution within higher education can work with our challenges in a student project collaboration. If you are enrolled at DTU, we provide a supervisor, universal design playbook, tools and probes as well as access to the ecosystem. If you want to continue developing your solution as a startup, DTU Skylab and Technology Leaving no one Behind provides various entrepreneurial opportunities and support. 

If you want to collaborate on a real world inclusivity challenge with a partner, please contact:

Line Nykjær Johansen

Project Coordinator, DTU Skylab

+45 25 13 97 22





Communication with little or no hearing - and no vision to help


Assessing the Environment Without Vision or Hearing


Accessible cities for all


"Spontaneous" access to train transportation for wheelchair users


Stage areas, accessibility, aesthetics, and universal design at Roskilde Festival


Make DTU Skylab more inclusive!

Design creative communication solutions that raise awareness about accessibility at DTU Skylab

Make Listening Safe -
Create fun, interactive learning tools targeted children age 4-10


Improve girls' social life, by enabling them to pee wherever whenever

Master Thesis collaboration opportunity with DTU Skylab

Master thesis opportunity in collaboration with Technology leaving no one behind
"How do inherent biases influence technology development and which challenges do users face?"

Master thesis opportunity in collaboration with Technology leaving no one behind
"Develop novel ways to use an established tool named Ability Prompt Cards in innovation processes"