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What is the purpose of the initiative?
“Technology leaving no one behind” provides opportunities and support to make inclusion and accessibility a natural part of engineering new sustainable technological solutions at DTU. The initiative focuses on inclusion and accessibility in both educational and entrepreneurial activities. 

Technological solutions that attend to inclusion and accessibility will open up for larger user-groups and potential greater markets, draw attention to functions and simplicity of the design features, makes the solution easier for us all and help the 15 % of the global population with diverse forms of disability to take part and contribute to society.

Sustainability is more than environmental aspects; it is about developing technology for all people, putting attention to diversity and social impact of solutions leaving no one behind.
The initiative will help focus on the future of sustainable technological solutions by contributing to the principle behind the UN Sustainable Development Goals of “Leaving no one behind”.

“Technology leaving no one behind” will become a strategic focus in current DTU Skylab offerings as well as kick-off a number of new activities, offerings and events, including: 

  • Launching entrepreneurship and innovation programs and activities, case competitions and workshops, as well as network and coaching for start-ups working in the field of universal design and assistive technology
  • Developing extracurricular activities, tools and methods to support and introduce students to universal design in both research, education and technological innovation, guided by a Post.doc
  • Building strategic initiatives, ecosystems and partnerships externally and internally at DTU to ensure the full future anchorage of the initiative.

DTU Skylab offers: 

  • Course workshops and guest lectures – are you interested in how universal design can benefit your curriculum? Invite us to come tell about the why and how of inclusive technology, diversity in user-groups, leaving no one behind, etc.
  • Events – showcase your inclusive project, hear interesting keynotes and network with likeminded people. Next event: Open Innovation X UNIVERSAL MARCH 5-7 + 16 2021. Sign up on this link to get updates on upcoming events:
  • Network to user-organizations - want to co-create, validate your solution or do user-testing? Get in touch and let us help you find relevant users or participate with a user-challenge.

  • Student challenges – specific challenges within universal and accessible technologies that you as DTU Student could address as part of your course, bachelor project or thesis. Developed by partners or end-users. Pressalit A/S invites students to collaborate and work on their challenge. 
  • Open Innovation X UNIVERSAL March 5-7 + 16 2021 – we invite you to join Skylab's innovation competition about universal design and assistive technology, whether you are a student, a startup or a company. Sign up here to know more.
  • Coaching: Skylab offers coaching and mentoring on the topic of universal design and assistive technology for student projects, startups and entrepreneurs at DTU: Book a start-up coach here.

…… And much more to come!

Who is involved
“Technology leaving no one behind” is a partnership between DTU, The Bevica Foundation and The Disabled People’s Organisations Denmark 

How long does the project run
“Technology leaving no one behind” currently runs as a three-year period from October 2019 until October 2022.


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Project Manager
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Project coordinator
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Dagný Valgeirsdóttir
DTU Skylab
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