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Sustainable Development Goals drive innovative engineering initiatives

Sustainable Development Goals drive innovative engineering initiatives (SDGii) is a new strategic initiative by DTU to engage students and researchers to impact society using the 2030 Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as the framework for new innovations.

At the moment we are working on the development of a new SDGii program which we are excited to share with you all soon. This will be based on the experience from pilot activities in 2016 and 2017, including:


- Business-Humanitarian Partnership Lab: Cross-sector partnership between DTU, the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) and Grundfos to jointly identify commercial opportunities and aid efficiency gains in the invention of new products and service development solutions

- Utilization Of Obsolete Product Resources: Course Project by Thomas Trebbien, Siri Lassen-Urdahl, Carsten Sherpa Eliasen, Dennis Nygaard (M.Sc. Design & Innovation), Jonathan Rebien Olesen (M.Sc. Architectural Engineering) and Alice Öberg (M.Sc. Design and Product Development, Linköping University) in collaboration with Novo Nordisk, Danish Refugee Council (DRC), IDA Global Development

- Talent partner for UNLEASH: An annual lab and platform, partnering young talents with leading companies, research institutions, foundations, non-profits, and investors for innovative, implementable and scalable solutions to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Apply now on the UNLEASH website here.

Student Engagement

- Master Thesis: Clean water and Sanitation: Investigating the use of solar pumps as a means to supply water in refugee settlements, by Benjamin Holm (Master in Environmental Engineering) in collaboration with the Danish Refugee Council (DRC)

- Master Thesis: A design approach to rethinking the assessment of water provision systems: the case of the Bidi Bidi refugee settlement in Northern Uganda, by Iskandar Tange (M.Sc. Design & Innovation) in collaboration with Danish Refugee Council (DRC)

- Special Course: SoilSense - Development of a low-cost wireless sensor network that can provide farmers with insights upon the moisture and the temperature of their field to minimize water usage in developing countries, by Jesper Alkestrup (Student Design & Innovation) in collaboration with Danish Church Aid

- SDG Student Ambassadors DTU / Copenhagen:
A student initiative, founded at DTU in 2017 to mobilize and inform other students from all disciplines about the SDGs, encourage their critical engagement and to involve them in working towards the SDGs – within and beyond their academic careers.

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- Lunch Talk: Social Entrepreneurship
Guest-speaker Cynthia Hellen, Founder and CEO of SMPLCT Lab on how it is possible to create social innovation as a sustainable business in a for-profit model

- Let’s Act Together - How to work with the Danish Humanitarian Sector

Introducing the eco-system of Danish Humanitarian Sector with guest speakers Stine Kirsten Junge (UNDP Denmark), Eva Raabyemagle (Senior Advisor, UNHCR), Marie Louise Pollmann Larsen (Founder InnoAId) and Jacob Christensen (Founder and CEO of Evershelter ApS)

- IDA event on Waste in a circular perspective
How can waste become a valuable resource, with guest speaker Leise Marud, (Founder of WASTEless)


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