Pre-startup Mentoring

DTU produces a lot of innovative start-ups based on invention from elite research, enthusiastic entrepreneurship student teams and inspiring innovation events. But for the DTU start-ups that have truly grown and exceeded expectations, the difference have been their willingness to expose themselves, be vulnerable and open to new suggestions, learn from others' hard earned experience and be ready to change when necessary. To support these teams, we have developed the DTU pre-startup mentor programme.

A team of mentors – just for you

Mentor programmes are not new. They’ve been around for centuries. Our special take on the whole concept is the idea of a mentor team. With a team consisting of different profiles, we can make sure that all aspects of a company’s growth possibilities are nurtured. With a team of mentors, the pre-startups will not be fixated by a single mentor mindset but offered objective mentoring through three independent world views.

Start-up teams enrolled in the mentor program will receive valuable sparring on everything from finding and understanding customers, value proposition and validation, product development, go to market and business models to partnership agreements, patent applications and funding. And not least; some good advice on prioritising time, finances, and resources.

Ready to meet your team?

Sounds great? Lets meet and discuss your needs before we tailor your team of mentors. A mentor programme usually consists of 90 minute-meetings every 4-6 weeks, and will require you to prepare your company’s most urgent challenges. It also requires your motivation and ability to work actively on your challenges between meetings.




The Mentors

Our mentors are a mix of experienced serial entrepreneurs, C level industry professionals and specialists within law, funding, team building and founding a start-up.


The MIT-connection

”A fledgling venture is more likely to thrive when an idea, good business planning, and an entrepreneur are matched with proven skills and experience” 

– One of the core principles of MIT VMS



Our mentor programme is developed in a partnership with MIT, based on the MIT Venture Mentoring Service (MIT VMS) model, a well-proven method for helping companies fulfil their growth potential. Over the last couple of years the mentor program (run in collaboration with DTU Science Park) has hosted more than 450 mentor meetings, in which more than 75 experienced professionals have helped almost 100 technology-based companies through the programme – corresponding to more than 2000 hours of qualified mentoring.


Jens Friholm
Senior Innovation Officer, Business Development
DTU Skylab
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