Students Hack Folkemødet

What is the purpose of the initiative?
Students accelerate sustainable solutions with and for Folkemødet - Denmark’s annual Political Festival on Bornholm. The solutions, which the students must accelerate at Folkemødet, are based on concrete and current sustainability challenges brought by Danish companies, Civil Society Organizations and Foreningen Folkemødet. 

With an approach combining curricular activities in the class-room, with prototyping, testing, user feedback, stakeholder engagement and business development in a real-life setting at Folkemødet, Students Hack Folkemødet facilitate young academics to translate challenges addressing the global goals into innovative solutions together with industry, civil society, politicians and others.

The initiative leverage on the great potential of using the set-up, activities and participants at Denmark largest democratic festival to move beyond debates, and talk about sustainability to more concrete invite for co-creation of new sustainable solutions through the student groups and selected challenges. Students of technical and business backgrounds will develop skills on how to present, challenge and invite for co-creation through a facilitated sprint process at Folkemødet.

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Who is involved?
Marie Louise Pollmann-Larsen

How long does the project run?
The initiative is sponsor-based and open for partners and sponsors to join for activating students during their spring semester courses and Folkemødet.



Marie Louise Møllebæk Pollmann-Larsen
Project Manager
DTU Skylab
+45 61 65 56 69