Funded projects 2016

Team: Cold brew
Description: Kaiser Cold Brew is developing the future coffee machine for cold brewed coffee. The market for cold brew is in rapid growth but the current methods for brewing cold are very slow and unprecise. We have in collaboration with multiple coffee bars in Copenhagen developed and tested a new machine that reduces the brew time significantly and frees up time for the barista.
Funding: DKK 40,000
Funded by: Nimbs Fond

Team: Jagder
Description: JAGDER is Denmark’s new platform for hunters and hunt distributors. JAGDER facilitates the process between hunters and hunt distributors by introducing hunters to new hunt areas for rent in Denmark and Europe, and make it attractive for land owners to rent out unused land areas. JAGDER wishes to secure the current and the next generation of hunters’ access to hunting through a transparent and simple booking process.
Funding: DKK 55,000
Funded by: Nimbs Fond & Odense Skibsværft

Team: Fabelwood
Description: The guys from FableWood have developed a toy concept, which is 100% sustainable, and creates a stronger tie between children and adults while stimulating the creativity of children.
Funding: DKK 49,745
Funded by: Nimbs Fond

Team: Sub blue robotics
Description: SubBlue Robotics er en højteknologisk startup virksomhed, som udvikler undervands robotteknologi til shipping industrien, der søger at løse et konkret vedligeholdelsesproblem. Den endelige løsning er teknisk avanceret, men består af eksisterende teknologi, der sammensættes og anvendes på en ny måde.
Funding: DKK 35,442
Funded by: Nimbs Fond

Team: Nordic Algae
Description: Nordic Algae is an innovative and sustainable company that develops and produces harvest machines for the seaweed industry. Nordic Algae creates simple solutions to a big market, which builds on an unused resource. This has both a positive effect on the company and the environment.
Funding: DKK 76,746
Funded by: Nimbs Fond

Team: Eupry
Description: Eupry delivers wireless temperature surveillance to the healthcare sector, which is has a high demand from general practitioners, special practitioners, pharmacies and hospitals because of its user-friendliness and price compared to the competitors’. In addition we deliver special customized solutions to our software platform.
Funding: DKK 150,000
Funded by: Nimbs Fond

Team: Split
Description: SPLIT er designet til at kunne halvere tabletter syv gange hurtigere end eksisterende løsninger på markedet ved en simpel, ergonomisk optimeret proces. SPLIT ønsker fremadrettet at udvikle en række produkter, der skal optimere sundheds- og plejepersonales arbejdsmiljø. Dette vil fremtidigt sikre færre sygedage og en øget arbejdsglæde hos den enkelte.
Funding: DKK 17,500
Funded by: Nimbs Fond

Team: Passive Movement
Description: PassiveMover will grasp a rising, social problem in Denmark; diabetes patients with atherosclerosis get foot ulcers. These ulcers can in worst case end with amputation. With PassiveMover the blood flow increases by passive training of the patient’s lower leg, and hereby can prevention and restitution of the food ulcers start and amputations can be avoided.
Funding: DKK 46,000
Funded by: Nimbs Fond

Team: Sentar
Description: Sentar is taking one of the most common and growing problems right now - lower back and neck pain. Caused by sitting down too much in front of a desk, looking at a screen, tablet or laptop. With a team of two design engineers, a business strategist and a human physiologist Sentar is creating a bot, which measures and changes the employee’s behaviour in large companies. 3 versions of this ‘Sentar bot’ has been tested with Novo Nordisk, Tryg, DTU and Coloplast with promising results.
Funding: DKK 83,000
Funded by: Kai Houmann Nielsens Fond

Team: ReliBond
Description: ReliBond develops specialized joining technology to the High Voltage (HV) cable industry. The core competency is within mechanics and material science and the solution is based on a patented method. The solution provides a series of advantages in the manufacturing and installation for HV power cables compared to competitive solutions: Manual handling is removed by introducing automation, joining is 20 times faster and a significant risk reduction is hence made possible. The technology has been preliminary verified with a cable manufacturer, and initial sale of the solution including a new product release is expected in the near future.
Funding: DKK 269,000
Funded by: Kai Houmann Nielsens Fond & Kaptajn Aage Nielsens Familiefond.

Funding: DKK 92,000
Funded by: Tranes Fond

Team: Floké
Funding: DKK 20,000
Funded by: Tranes Fond

Team: Mash Biotech

Funding: DKK 120,000
Funded by: Tranes Fond

Description: BAURITEC develops new canting keel systems for monohull sailboats. Our vision is to change the paradigm of constructing monohull sailing boats.
The idea is to boost the boat speed potential by reducing its displacement dramatically.
Funding: DKK 40,000
Funded by: Odense Skibsværft

Team: Aerosphere
Description: Aerosphere works with development of a unique cloudbased platform with the purpose of ensuring safe navigation for autonomous devices like Drones. Furthermore, Aerosphere is meant to be the central platform for operators to manage their devices and store the data from operations.
Funding: DKK 15,000
Funded by: Odense Skibsværft

Team: Soceed
Funding: DKK 12,000
Funded by: Odense Skibsværft

Team: Cloud Polish
Funding: DKK 10,000
Funded by: Odense Skibsværft

Team: MyID
Description: Imagine a world without passwords... What if we tell you that it is not just a dream? We all are inundated with plenty of PIN codes and passwords impossible to remember for devices, websites and smart-cards. Furthermore, compromised passwords cause almost 600 billion loss to companies worldwide. Our mission is to solve this problem providing to people a wearable bracelet authenticator that they can use to securely authenticate themselves with everything, from everywhere.
Funding: DKK 4,839
Funded by: Odense Skibsværft

Team: Feedwork
Description: Feedwork engages teams by training feedback skills. We bring feedback knowledge from sports and military environments to teams in all industries. This is done through a price model that secures transparency for the costumer and end the days of overpriced education consultants.
Funding: DKK 3,000
Funded by: Odense Skibsværft
7 MAY 2021