Funded projects 2019

Spring 2019


Team: Drinksaver IVS

Description: The DrinkSaver is an innovative yet simple solution to a problem witnessed in many aspects of every day situations. The product is a small discrete rim placed in a cup to direct spillage back into the cup. It solves the problem of spillage at festivals and concerts. 

Funding: DKK 200.000

Funded by: Verner Overgaards Familiefond


Team: TresActio IVS

Description: TresActio help biotechnology companies bring new products to market faster and cheaper. We do this by improving existing workflows through automation, advanced data analysis, and great user design. Our current focus is a fermentation control system (bioreactor) for companies like Novozymes and Christian Hansen.

 Funding: DKK 196.578

Funded by: Verner Overgaards Familiefond


Team: Reshape IVS

Description: Reshape utilizes recent advances in low cost robotics to build cost effective liquid handling solutions, improving the accessibility of such systems to allow more companies to gain the advantages of automation in the laboratory. 

Funding: 138.500

Funded by:  Verner Overgaards Familiefond


Team: Paragit Solutions

Description: Paragit Solutions is a start-up, which develops health tech products for Parkinson’s patients. Our product digitalizes the current method of diagnosis and provides an objective assessment of the patients. The product is unique, innovative and can help several millions of patients worldwide.
: DKK 146,000
Funded by: Kai Houmann Nielsens Fond


Team: Stormii 

Description: stormii har udviklet et komfortabelt, funktionelt og æstetisk graviditetsbælte, som sikrer støtte, bevægelsesfrihed og diskrethed, og som derigennem forebygger og behandler varierende grader af bækkensmerter og gener. Bæltet er designet til at støtte både mave og bækken, som et middel til lindring af ryg- og bækkensmerter samt aflastning af tyngdefornemmelse gennem hverdagen.
: DKK 30.000
Funded by: Kai Houmann Nielsens Fond



Description: HEIMA is an anti-bacterial and aesthetic toilet brush that is designed with the focus on hygiene and functionality to minimize the spread of microorganisms. Furthermore HEIMA stays clean for many years, which adapts into a modern and sustainable thinking of long-lasting, quality products.  
: DKK 40.000
Funded by: Private donation from DTU Alumne Humphrey Lau
21 AUGUST 2019