Funded projects 2018

Fall 2018


Team: Seasony

Description: Seasony utilizes vertical farming to produce exotic vegetables to Copenhagen restaurants. Our technology allows us to grow herbs and vegetables closer to the point of consumption, allowing restaurants to compose original and delicious dishes without having to import poor quality vegetables.
: DKK 109,000
Funded by: Nimbs

Team: OptoCeutics

Description: OptoCeutics aims to operate as a first-mover in non-invasive light treatment of Alzheimer's Disease with a strategy towards a clinically approved medical device.
: DKK 75,000
Funded by
: Kai Houmann Nielsens Fond

Team: NoBriner

Description: We offer management of discharged brine coming from the desalination process, when producing safe drinking water from saline water sources. By maximizing the evaporation rate, we are able to produce edible salt from the brine. Our solution is low tech, making it suitable for remote areas with no infrastructure and we enable local production of safe drinking water while being environmentally responsible.
DKK 75,000
Funded by: 
Kai Houmann Nielsens Fond

Team: Flowplan

Description: Flowplan is a start-up IoT company, developing a system making water flow measurements, in order to optimize water filter changes for primarily industrial coffee machines. The system transmits sensor data that is processed and visualized in our own software.
Funding: DKK 46,379
Funded by: Nimbs

Team: Sensit (7Nods)

Description: 7Nods focuses on designing and producing point-of-care home devices that will allow people to test themselves for multiple diseases with only drops of blood. Our devices aim at becoming the standard for remote diagnosis, helping millions of people tend to themselves and their loved ones and providing a platform for hundreds of sensor development labs worldwide. Our first target is the diagnostic tool along with sensors for Thyroid disease to prove the feasibility of our project.
Funding: DKK 40,000
Funded by: Nimbs

Team: NIHAX-Sensible

Description: We develop hardware & software that integrates the user’s smartphone with sensors for various purposes, such as surface water quality measurements. We help companies who wants to minimize losses, by streamlining measuring procedures and eliminating sources of human error, while reducing costs.
Funding: DKK 120,000
Funded by: Kai Houmann Nielsens Fond, DKK 50,000 + Nimbs, DKK 70,000

Team: TresActio

Description: TresActio is a tech startup developing advanced automation solutions for biotechnology labs. We help biotechnology researchers discover new and valuable strains. TresActio is a novel lab-scale fermentation control system that enables researchers to run more experiments and collect more data than before by digitizing and automating more of the research pipeline. We have taken a design thinking approach to development, and have created the most convenient and friendly bioreactor on the market.
Funding: DKK 179,900
Funded by: Kai Houmann Nielsens Fond, DKK 80,000 + Nimbs, DKK 99,900

Team: SubBlue Robotics

Description: SubBlue Robotics offers a faster, safer and less weather dependent propeller cleaning operation, by introducing an intelligent underwater robot to perform the cleaning. These factors make the propeller cleaning more convenient than current practice and will enable a more frequent cleaning of ship propellers, leading to a significant fuel and emission savings for ship owners.
: DKK 250,000
Funded by: 
Verner Overgaards Familiefond 

Team: Trebo

Description: Trebo converts polymer waste into high value recyclable fractions with their new technology, making them able to offer high quality recycled plastic for industrial use.
Funding: DKK 225,000
Funded by: Verner Overgaards Familiefond


Spring 2018

Team: Blue Medical 

Description: Blue Medical is a start-up who are developing minimal invasive medical device used during laparoscopic surgery. Errors with todays laparoscopic equipment results in an extreme high mortality rate, and that is a problem Blue Medical solves.
Funding: DKK 150,000
Funded by: Kai Houmann Nielsens Fond

eam: Oligo Productions
Description: Our team is developing a solution aiming to replace the traditional dialysis machine with a modern, portable version, which will allow dialysis-patients to live normal lives without long and frequent visits to the hospital. Unlike existing refrigerator-sized dialysis technology, which relies on a single filtration membrane and a substantial supply of water, our device will mimic the function of an actual (compact) kidney by splitting the blood-filtration into three separate steps.
Funding: DKK 12,500
Funded by: Kai Houmann Nielsens Fond

Team: DevLabs I/S

Description: We make affordable and user friendly biotech automation equipment by utilizing recent advancements in open source robotics systems to make automation more accessible to the biotech industry.   We've established a good relationship with a local biotech startup whom have agreed to purchase the first machine we develop.

Funding: DKK 24,000
Funded by: Kai Houmann Nielsens Fond 


Team: Stokkestolen

Description: Stokkestolen is an add on accessory product to crutches and ensures that people with walking disabilities now have the opportunity to turn their crutches into a contemporary armchair with two balance points.
Funding: DKK 25,000
Funded by: BEVICA

Team: DrinkSaver

Description: The DrinkSaver is an innovative yet simple solution to a problem witnessed in many aspects of every day situations. The product is a small discrete rim placed in a cup to direct spillage back into the cup. It solves the problem of spillage at festivals and concerts. 
Funding: DKK 15,000
Funded by: BEVICA

Team: ERGO+

Description: Vores mission er at designe og sælge ikke stigmatiserende ergonomisk cykeludstyr, for at øge selvstændighed og selvtillid for motorisk handicappede, ved at hjælpe dem tilbage i cyklen.
Funding: DKK 50,000
Funded by: BEVICA
7 MAY 2021