What is the purpose of the programme/initiative?
The main goal of the programme is to help students and young researchers find soft funding and grants for their startups and prototypes.

Who can Apply?
All DTU students, PhD’s and postdocs + alumni (within 1 year from graduation) and teams with at least one DTU profile in the founder team.

Where do they sign up?
Fill in the formular at the buttom.

When is it possible to participate and what is the deadline for joining?
Twice every year in February and September. Dates are posted below

Template to application: Skylab Toolbox

Skylab Funding

Next application deadline: February 13, 2022

The same date as Skylab Ignite and Skylab Incubator– contact Kristoffer Buch if you apply for any of those as well.

Applications for DTU Skylab Funding can be submitted by all registered DTU students on Bachelor and Master studies and within a year after graduation. Ph.D. students can also apply to a commercial project. You can apply for amounts from DKK 15,000 and up to DKK 150,000 per project and we encourage students from all faculties to apply. Applications in English and Danish are accepted.

Please read the application guidelines and have a look at the application example before you apply. Please remember to note your contact information in the application.

The Skylab Funding is created in collaboration with and funded by Tranes Fond, Kai Houmann Nielsens Fond, Nimbs Fond, Kaptajn Aage Nielsens Familiefond  and Den Danske Maritime Fond, Bevica Fonden.

The foundations have the full right to decide which projects will be rewarded a grant. All applications will be handled confidentially. You can not apply on behalf of others but students who apply should be the founder or at least have ownership of the idea, project, or start-up.

If you have trouble uploading the application, please send a message to psfe@dtu.dk always write "Skylab Funding" in the subject line

If you experience trouble with uploading, please try google chrome or another browser than Explorer.

Funding application


Pål Simon Fernvall
Project Manager

+45 24 89 73 30

Application guidelines
Please read the application guidelines before you fill in the form.

Ex. of Funding Application

For inspiration, check out this already made application.
DTU Skylab guide to crowdfunding

Read this 10 step Skylab Guide to Crowdfunding helping you build the campaign