Credit: Bugging Denmark. Entrepreneurial Exchange between aspiring entrepreneur Estelle Pollaert and CEO & Founder of Bugging Denmark Jakob Rukov

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Entrepreneurial Exchange between aspiring entrepreneur Estelle Pollaert and CEO & Founder of Bugging Denmark Jakob Rukov.

A six months experience in Copenhagen, Denmark from March 2020 to August 2020!

’’It has been a productive exchange where I have learned a lot about my capacity as a graphic designer and with the weekly mentoring of Jakob, I have all keys in hand for starting a successful design business. EYE has been a very interesting program, and I would definitely recommend it.’’ summarizes Estelle Pollaert on her 6 month exchange as new entrepreneur in Denmark.

Across – Boarder Collaboration

As part of the EYE programme, the French aspiring entrepreneur, Estelle Pollaert on boarded a Danish SME called Bugging Denmark - Denmark’s only urban cricket farm. Founded by Jakob Rukov, its mission is to promote a sustainable food culture by farming edible crickets for human consumption and producing delicious and healthy cricket-infused drinks.

While Jakob was looking for support in developing Bugging Denmark’s visual identity, Estelle was seeking insights on stakeholder relations, i.e. how to interact with costumers and guide their design processes and workshops.

’’The aim is to make sure Estelle in the future will be able to give her costumers not only the benefit of her creative abilities, but also an A-Z service from clarifying their needs to having the final product in front of them.’’, reflects Jakob Rukow on the objective of the collaboration.

A reality check of the young entrepreneurs business idea

During those 6 months, the two entrepreneurs have been working on diverse projects and immerged into start-up ecosystem in Copenhagen and surroundings.
While Jakob successfully received support in a full rebranding of Bugging Denmark and the re-design of their juice label Syngja, Estelle got a reality- check of her business idea and developed skills as a young entrepreneur ready to serve her first customers.

Through the work with Bugging Denmark, she also found the mission of her start-up, that will be driven by the ambition to design for sustainable and innovative companies. The EYE exchange also helped her to find the first customer and both entrepreneurs want to continue the collaboration beyond the EYE programme, in form of a Freelance contract for some upcoming design projects. ’’It was very interesting to be part of a team and to see the daily difficulties a young company can face and how they solve those ’’ points out Estelle.

How to participate?

You are curios and want to explore what it takes to participate. Get in touch with your local contact point – DTU Skylab
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Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs is a cross-border exchange programme, which aims to help new, and aspiring entrepreneurs acquire relevant skills to run and grow a small business by working with an experienced entrepreneur in another country for up to six months.

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