Digital Startup Generator

Connecting technical and commercial talent to unleash digital startup potential for society. 

Digital startup generator offers: Low commitment-high value, cross-disciplinary entrepreneurship tasters.


We believe that the best digital solutions emerge when people who have a technical engineering view of the world are working closely with people who are oriented around commercial business opportunities. But too often this collaboration doesn't happen until new graduates are hired into large corporations - and even then engineers and business people are typically siloed from each other.

We are here to change that. 

The purpose of Digital Startup Generator is to bring together students with technical and commercial backgrounds and introduce them to entrepreneurship so they can engage in meaningful collaboration (more action and making, less small talk). Our goal is that by working together on concrete challenges, the students will begin to really see the value of the skills that others bring to the table, break down the stereotypes that create distance, and build stronger personal bonds that can last beyond the project, and perhaps even become friendships.

Who should become involved

Are you curious about entrepreneurship, digitalization and meeting new people with diverse backgrounds? Are you a student or young researcher in the field of digital tech, software or computer science? Or are you from the field of business with interest in applying your commercial skills in a digital tech startup? 

Our aim is to reach students who want to use their skills to solve problems for others, and who have enough self-awareness to realize that they can do it better when working with other people who have complementary skill sets. We welcome both students who already see themselves as entrepreneurs as well as students who are just curious about what working in a startup might be like. 

What to expect?

We will position the entrepreneurial way of working as an alternative to going into a corporate career, and we will offer our events as a low commitment and low risk opportunity for curious candidates to try out the entrepreneurial way of working. Our hope is that some will be excited to take their idea forward and launch a business, and that all will be inspired by the power and potential of entrepreneurship and cross-disciplinary work. 

We aim to do this by offering:

  • Activities and workshops to boost ideation, matching of talent, and startup validation & Support – all within digital tech
  • Ongoing coaching of digital startups. Contact Camilla Nørgaard Jensen
  • Lab and prototyping support
  • Industry insight e.g. through hackathons and innovation sprints

What's in it for you? 

  • Networking with industry partners and peers from other disciplines
  • Expand your horizon of career opportunities
  • Explore the entrepreneurial mindset (low commitment, high value)
  • Personal and professional development in one
  • Free events: fun, engaging and active learning experiences

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Events this fall:

The Unicorn Game, Sept. 13th 2021

  • The Unicorn Game is a storytelling game for teams. It combines card game elements into a creative challenge, resulting in a powerful & playful learning experience.

    Players learn how to think like a startup and come up with incredible innovations in just a couple of hours.

  • Sign up for The Unicorn Game here. 

Talk and Tunes, Sept. 16th 2021

  • We present you with a unique chance to engage with some of the forefront student initiatives and prominent profiles in the sustainability agenda. Over the last six months, the world, as we know, changed in the blink of an eye. This disruption calls for innovation, determination, and supportive environments to make the best of it. How do we as students contribute to the sustainable transition?
  • Read more about the event here and sign up through IDA here.

HACK4HUMANITY, Nov. 5th 2021

  • Partnership offering students across disciplines insight and unique opportunities to work on humanitarian challenges through digital technology-based innovation and entrepreneurship initiatives. A 12h hack in collaboration with The Danish Refugee Council, with the opportunity to win a travel prize. 

Digital Tech Summit, Nov. 30th - Dec. 1st 2021

  • Digital Tech Summit brings together over 5,000 decision ­makers, engineers, companies, academia, startups, investors, and ­students, redefining tech leadership the digital sustainable tech transformation in industry and ­society.

Complex problems don't come neatly organized in silos – Neither do the approaches that can successfully resolve them. #DigitalStartupGen


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