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DigiLab is a gathering point for innovation with a digital backbone. At DigiLab, we collect expertise from researchers, businesspeople, students and other experts-in-their-fields to create a synergy around making the digital real.

Digilab, AI and robots
Some people are afraid of robots that perform tasks. At DigiLab, they are part of a toolkit used to show students how AI works in real life, and how data, algorithms and physical processes are interrelated. As we move toward a future where many industries are implementing AI-driven processes, DigiLab provides the tools for enterprising students to innovate and explore in this area.

High Power Computing (HPC) capabilities
At DigiLab, we offer a glimpse into the High Power Computing (HPC) capabilities at DTU through a real-time link. This allows number-crunching capabilities for the data-hungry algorithmist, real-time robotics simulations, video/signal processing and the power to run other intensive tasks.
We provide an entry-point into numerous data-streams, all the way from Earth’s orbit to DTU itself. As Big Data becomes an even-hotter topic, we support innovation in this area through sheer brute force – perhaps we will train the next Siri in DigiLab!

A hub for those interested in "making things digital"
We facilitate activities between students and groups by opening the space to all, so that DigiLab functions as a hub for those interested in “making things digital.” We achieve this by having DigiLab function as a platform for IoT and Embedded development – helping to make the world digital.

Interdisciplinary collaboration
We encourage interdisciplinary collaboration between digital natives and traditional engineers so that “making it digital” happens from the ground up. Students are now more digitally fluent than ever before and DigiLab provides a common technological and cultural ground for synergy between different disciplines.

DigiLab is a digital sandbox for creative exploration and, through Skylab’s larger infrastructure; we support and encourage emerging digital startups in e.g. App development and games, Smart-home technology and public infrastructure development.


Ben Cahill
Innovation Officer
Office for Innovation and Sector Services
+4593 51 09 87
21 AUGUST 2019