DTU Skylab Advisory Days

External Advisors

What is the purpose of the programme/initiative?
DTU Skylab are providing free and confidential start-up consultation for all students and affiliated start-ups. Book a meeting with one of the DTU Skylab start-up coaches or with one of our external collaborators.

Who can join?
Open for students, PhDs and post docs from DTU.

Where do they sign up
Click on the boxes to the right.

When is it possible to participate and what is the deadline for joining?
During the spring of 2022, the dates are: February 23th, March 23th, April 27th and May 25th from 10 am - 3 pm. 

You can either book a meeting to the right ->, or just show up and wait for a free consultant. 

You are also always welcome to send your questions in our Slack channel #3-legal

DTU Skylab Advisors


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Drop in at DTU Skylab or get in touch with our advisors by joining our Slack Group: #3-legal