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DTU Skylab are providing free start-up consultation for all students and affiliated start-ups. Book a meeting with the Skylab start-up coaches or with one of our external collaborators.

To book a one to one meeting with one of the DTU Skylab employed Start-up Coaches, send us an email, or come by our office to see if any of us are free for a chat. Our meetings are always confidential and we are keen on helping you with any questions or issues you might have regarding your existing or future Start-up.

Our advisors are present in DTU Skylab on a monthly basis and can be booked for an individual meeting online. But you are also very welcome to pop by for a spontaneous chat with them, even if all slots are booked.

All start-up consultation is free of charge and confidential. Consultation with our advisors are free during the initial meeting, and depending on what kind of help you need, you may agree on a fee for the following work. The advisor will be available in DTU Skylab from 10-15 on the dates posted below:

September 26th  

October 29th

November 21st 

DTU Skylab's advisors

To book a meeting with the external advisors, please fill out your information in one of the following slots to the right. Please write your study number in the Topic box.

The DTU Skylab advisors are represented by the following companies:

DTU Tech Transfer

DTU Tech Transfer is one of the players in DTU’s wide spanned innovation ecosystem. Along with DTU Skylab, DTU Entrepreneurship and DTU Science Park, we work with helping early science all the way from the lab to industry.

At DTU Tech Transfer we help with fx. business development, commercialisation and patents. We also offer training programmes, funding, mentorship and exposure through events to DTU employees with innovation goals.

Our vision is to help make an impact in society that revolves around digitalisation, sustainability and technology for people.

Get in touch with Senior Patent Specialist Michael Abildgren from DTU Tech Transfer at (+45 93 51 06 80).


Kromann Reumert

Kromann Reumert provides up to one hour of free legal advice for student start-ups in DTU Skylab.

Assistant Attorney Amalie Paludan and colleagues from Kromann Reumert Law Firm will be ready to answer all questions that you may have regarding the legal aspects of your start-up from how to incorporate and register your company, ensure that your contracts are solid (e.g. collaboration agreements, customer agreements or even investment agreements) and how to protect your IP rights, whether it be copyright to software to patents relating to your technology.

Even if you are in an earlier stage, they are also happy to just discuss your initial ideas and how to take the next step.

For questions regarding the consultation, please contact Pål Fernvall from DTU Skylab at or get in touch with Amalie Paludan from Kromann Reumert

If you want to know more about Amalie, or Kromann Reumert in general, you can visit their website:


Get in touch with Zacco to achieve up to one hour of Free Patent Consultation

Thomas Sundien and Jacob Dahl from the IP company Zacco are available in Skylab for start-up consultation.

They will be able to answer any questions related to patents and intellectual property rights in general that you may have regarding your start-up. The meeting should be based on a new idea for which patent protection is considered. Thomas Sundien, European Patent & Design Attorney,, +45 24 25 52 99

A meeting will be relevant if: You have a good idea, You may have developed a prototype or a simulation platform and You have kept your idea confidential.

For more information, please contact: Pål Fernvall, DTU – (+45 45 25 10 98) or Thomas Sundien, European Patent & Design Attorney,, (+45 24 25 52 99).


Get acess to a free hour with an accountant from KPMG.

Christoffer Kock Petersen from the accounting firm KPMG is available in DTU Skylab for Start-up advice in accounting.

Christoffer is part of KPMG´s dedicated Start-up team, who have a lot of experience in advising start-ups, also before the companies is created. It is KPMGs experience that a single meeting related to overall corporate structure and tax considerations is often very relevant for most start-ups both before and after companies is created.

KPMG are also ready to answer questions related to accounting or taxation, specifically as we know that many start-ups are not clear on what and when they have to deliver annual reports and tax returns for their IvS or ApS companies.

Do you have any questions or want to book a longer session with the consultant, please contact Pål Fernvall: or send an email to

Want to know more about KPMG, please visit their website:

Skylab Advisors


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