Former startup teams

Here is a list of all former startups that have used Skylab Incubator.

Team: ATLANT 3D Nanosystems
ATLANT 3D Nanosystems seeks to create the first 3D nanoscale printer that can print more than 450 different materials with previously impossible geometries.
Having an array of potential applications, we target first the fast-growing R&D market of MEMS and sensors.
It is our vision to become the all-in-one system needed for prototyping in micro-/nanofabrication processes.
Our mission is to enable almost anyone to experiment and develop nano/microscale based devices and applications without any high cost and time risks.

Atlant logo

Team: AUGIT Solutions
Creates direct vision in trucks (and other vehicles) using augmented reality glasses, giving drivers the feeling of being able to see through their trucks directly where blind spots used to be.

Augit Solutions logo


Team: Berring Data Collective
Description: Providing high quality real-time oceanographic data for the advancement of sciences, weather forecasting, and maritime industries.

Berring Data Collective business map        Berring Data Collective logo


Team: Bifrost Biolabs
Description: At Bifrost Biolabs, we are focused on creating affordable technology using sensors that can be tuned to provide a constant input of data according to your needs. We believe that our products will be able to save precious time for most research teams involved in cell culturing. Our ultimate goal is to provide automatized laboratory solutions for researchers in academia and industry.

Team: Circulair
Description: Circulair develops a simple and renewable desalination technology that produces up to 50 cubic meters of drinkable water per day using solar heating. With the help of a local partner that will operate the plant and distribute the water, we will create a Circular economy by providing reusable water fountains and offer water at a cheaper price than any imported water bottles, for any island or remote coastal area of the globe.

Circulair logo 


Team: DrinkSaver
Description: DrinkSaver, a hand-sized plastic ring, is designed to stop liquid spilling from your cup or glass.

Team: InnoPilot

Team: KiteX
Description: KiteX is making wind power cheaper and more accessible by developing an autonomous, flying wind turbine based on drone technology. It consists of a flying wing tethered to the ground, requiring a fraction of the material of a conventional system for the same power output. The system can be installed without large cranes and other expensive infrastructure, making sustainable energy accessible for many more locations and mobile applications.

KiteX logo

Team: Nanocrafts
Nanocrafts is a nanotechnology base DTU spinout targeting to fight counterfeit in luxury and jewelry market with simple nanostamping tools.
Just with one stamp Nanocrafts tools provide customer products high level protection, customization, data encording and even decoration. 
Our primary customers are companies seeking for simple and high-level anticounterfeiting solution.
Each tool can be manufactured customized according to customers needs and specification.




NIHAX develops a hardware and software solution that will be connected to commercial sensors, new or existing, that enables sensors to be used with smartphones rather than conventional sensor readers. Current prototypes are measuring pH, Temperature, Redox, methane & CO2.

Nihax logo


Team: Orbital
Obital develops low-cost software-based eye tracking technology. This technology can be used in several industries, but in order to develop the technology, Obital has initially created the product Enable where the focus is on creating value for people with motor disabilities.
Orbital logo


Team: Polysystems
At Polysystems, we utilize recent advances in open source motion control systems to build cost effective liquid handling and lab automation solutions. We improve the accessibility of robotic systems that save time and increase throughput, allowing small and large companies alike to gain the advantages of automation in the laboratory.

Polysystems logo


Team: TresActio
TresActio are developing a novel high-throughput bioreactor for lab-scale experiments. By autonomously monitoring and controlling fermentation experiments, we help biotechnology companies get new product to market faster and cheaper.
TresActio logo
25 FEBRUARY 2020