Current start-up teams

These start-ups are currently using Skylab Incubator:

Team: AtSpiro
atSpiro is developing a novel device that upgrades current research use-cases within fermentation process optimization, by adding online control and data collection. This helps companies like Novozymes, and Christian Hansen bring new products to the market faster and at lower production costs. The atSpiro system is an ad-on the existing equipment and therefore much cheaper than the integrated system sold on the market.

Team: Defudger
Description: Defudger is a complex, three-layer detection tool for the verification of digital content. Our tool reveals forgery and falsification of images, videos and deepfakes with the highest accuracy of any detection tool.



Team: Henlez
Description: Henlez is pioneering a unique, preventive treatment platform for multiple incurable and debilitating hair follicle-linked skin diseases. Using advanced enzyme technology in collaboration with Novozymes, Henlez could ultimately transform the lives and well being of a large number of patients.

Henlez logo


Team: Incept Sustainability
Description: Incept Sustainability is an online learning and analytics site with simple and short guides introducing topics within the field of sustainability designed to be shared and completed by an entire organisation.

Incept Sustainability logo

Team: Served on Salt
ServedOnSalt is developing a heat battery that will store solar energy for clean cooking in Kenyan slums. The principle behind the battery is salt hydration, which allows for high energy density storage with long storage times.

Team: TransSense
Description: TransSense is a research based startup working on assistive technology for blind and visually impaired people. TransSense aims to help improve the quality of life for blind and visually impaired persons by offering a novel hand-wearable smart device that can aid the user in their everyday tasks of finding belongings and moving around.

TransSense logo
25 FEBRUARY 2020