Skylab Ignite Participants Spring 2018

Team: Trebo
Trebo aims to convert polymer waste from the industry into high value recyclable fractions. TREBO has developed a method to separate materials with different densities, turning an unrecyclable mixture of industrial polymers into pure valuable fractions ready to be used in new products. A similar method is not currently seen on the market. A proof-of-concept machine has already been build and tested with promising results and we are now up-scaling.

Team: FreshNest
Our aim is to create the most optimal environment for food to prolong shelf life and hereby lower food waste. FreshNest is a container that includes two filters: One filter with essential oils and another that removes oxygen from the air. The container also includes a humidity control.

Team: BÆNK
‘BÆNK’ is a product/service system based on a flexible, aesthetic and customizable seating module designed for festivals, temporary events and permanent street food markets. This module can be combined and connected in different ways as well as allowing the customer to choose how the fronts should look like. The concept seeks to optimize the material used and fabrication processes. Furthermore, the modules are easy to disassemble and thereby take up minimal space when not in use and during transport.

Team: GLØD
The problem we wish to solve is the lack of light at the camping area of festivals. The way we solve this is with a portable lantern that is powered by an external power bank, since there is no electricity available at the camping areas but lots of opportunities for charging power banks.

Team: Ergo+
Et ergonomisk cykelstyr der skal hjælpe folk med motoriske lidelser tilbage på cyklen, og derved genvinde deres selvstændighed ved at kunne selv.

Team: Alps & Newton's ski
The idea is to produce skis where rigidity and structure would change depending on skiing also when the snow is changing. The ski has incorporate a layer of a non-Newtonian polymer inside the core.

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