Skylab Ignite Participants Autumn 2019

Team: Moleqular Quantum Solutions
Description: MQS developed a digital tool that can be used in R&D where molecules are developed, such as pharma or biotech. The software can simulate the properties of molecules in use and production, making physical trials superfluous, which can result in radical savings and opportunities to scale development.

Team: Served on Salt
Description: Served on Salt developed an oven that is based on heat storage in a special type of salt. The technology is relevant in development regions and refugee camps as it can eliminate the need for firewood with poor air quality. Firewood collection takes time from children's schooling, and poses a risk to young women when they are alone in deserted places.

Team: Senivu
Description: Senivu develops an electro-mechanical system that simulates the human body that surgeons can use to train certain types of surgery. Surgeons can thus drastically increase their experience and quality in real operations.

Team: Norden Eliquare
Description: Developed a new type of filter for wastewater treatment. The wastewater is usually added to microplastics so that the sludge can be separated from the water. The new technology saves up to 80 percent microplastics and 60% energy.

Team: SpaceSea
Description: SpaceSeadeveloped a digital platform for seaweed farming that provides valuable information on, for example, weather, sea and growth, so that cultivation can be optimized. Data is collected from satellites and the farms themselves, and algorithms are developed that can predict relevant events.

Team: GoodInTent
Description: Createda camping tent that is 100% made of plastic type PET, which is known from e.g. refund bottles. Normal tents consist of many materials and are therefore a challenging type of waste. The first use case is Roskilde Festival.

Team: Op2Speed
Description: Op2Speed has designed a lamp with a special blue light that can optimize circadian rhythm and energy level. The first product is targeted at elite athletes who must eliminate travel fatigue and jet lag so they can perform optimally.

Team: BRØG 
Description: A completely new type of coffee machine that is beautifully designed in line with Danish design tradition. It makes the perfect cup of coffee, and the technology controls all brewing parameters to perfection.

Team: UDU
Description: Develops a physical entertainment medium that solves the problem of children's screen time by dragging elements of mobile and tablet into the physical world.

Team: Panasea Snowboards
Description: Panasea Snowboards created a snowboard composed of upcycled waste plastic, with the possibility of further upcycling after being used in products. First product is a high end snowboard that performs in line with regular boards.
25 FEBRUARY 2020