Skylab Ignite Participants Autumn 2017

Description: INNITI develops a IoT based system, that allows for advanced and flexible in-house production, QC and can automate chemical experiments, allowing companies saving resources while introducing Big Data capabilities. The project aims at reinventing the way R&D experiments are carried out by developing a standardized and flexible solution, consisting of building blocks with different functionality, which can be combined to execute a specific task and log the data of the task.

Team: Skillhub
Online matchmaking in video games as an open source project. An attempt at disrupting the secretive nature that keeps online matchmaking from being as good as it can be.

Team: Allumen
Allumen is a sustainable piece of bio-art which is revealing the natural phenomenon of bioluminescence. The magnificent blue light comes from millions of microscopic algae which emit light during night.

Team: VenomAid
VenomAid Diagnostics presents a solution for rapid diagnosis of snakebite victims with a cheap, easy-to-use, point-of-care device providing a reliable diagnostic result within minutes. This diagnosis is a crucial tool for medical personnel treating snakebite victims, and will save the lives of many.

At Intensive Care Units (ICU) some patients are connected to a mechanical ventilator, making it impossible for them to speak and express basic feelings and needs. Alphabet and symbol boards exists, but using them can be slow and tiring for patients. Our idea is a communication aid (tablet + application) with relevant symbols and sentences used with head tracking as interaction method. At this point both the ICU at Bispebjerg and Rigshospitalet have shown interest in our project.

Team: Recombiostics
We produce preclinical antibiotics for the pharmaceutical industry. Our goal is to combat the spread of multiresistant bacteria by developing the antibiotics needed to limit the danger caused by these bacteria. We are developing a platform capable of producing and screening new antibiotics in a faster and cheaper way than has previously been possible.

Team: iTeach
iTeach is a service which offers the possibility to get access to high level education, through private tuitions with private instructors for prices which fit your wallet. Even better, you can be paid when taking some classes. You learn and you can get paid for it!

Team: Urban Seat
Urban Seat er en siddeplads, der nemt og hurtigt kan monteres på en lygtepæl. Dette koncept udsprænger af et kursus i efteråret 2016, hvor vi i gruppen arbejde med tilgængelighed for handicappede i København. I denne sammenhæng så vi et behov for flere siddepladser i byrummet, da gangbesværede savner mulighed for at tage et hvil de steder, hvor man af forskellige årsager ikke har opstillet en Københavnerbænk eller lignende.

Team: SoFi Audio
Music unites people in so many ways. Why not let people unify their music? Our speaker is based on the concept that every individual can contribute with their own speaker when arriving at a party and other arrangements. The idea is to improve the social and audio experience for everyone. All you have to do is bring your speaker, connect it with any other units, and immediately start enjoying the expanded sound.

Team: Pro Mount
Designing and developing a prototype for consistent, effortless and straightforward mounting of strain gauges for material and component testing. The device will simplify and improve the mounting process, ensure reliable mounting at a fraction of the time required to mount gauges manually, saving time and cost.
25 FEBRUARY 2020