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Monday 27 Sep 21
by Nasrin Billie


Søren Ammundsen
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DTU Skylab
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Christian Woergaard
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DTU Skylab
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As a student, you have a unique opportunity to become part of a real-world innovation project, among other things you will:

  • - get valuable experience in solving real-life challenges
  • - become part of DTU's innovation hub - Skylab
  • - position yourself as a potential employee with SMEs and startups
  • - earn ECTS points, while working on the project

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DTU Skylab is more than a space for entrepreneurs to start new projects. It is also a space for students, who are interested in joining a project or a team. Blas Esandi Medus is the one to prove it. He landed a job at his first visit to Skylab. We asked him how that happened. 

Blas Esandi Medus is an international student from Argentina, who studies a Masters in Mechanical Engineering. Blas was looking for ways in which to get hands-on experience within Mechanical Engineering as he is new to this subject with a background in Civil Engineering. He then started to browse through the DTU website, where he learned about DTU Skylab as the place with labs and facilities for startups. 

“It was like a wonderland for engineers. You have all these different labs. People are really friendly and helpful. So my first experience was like: yeah, I can see myself spending the next two years here as a Master’s student," says Blas Esandi Medus who lives just across the street from Skylab in the William Demant Dormitory. He adds:

"I immediately thought that it would the ideal place for me to hone my skills while studying." 

Instant connection with a startup
Blas was greeted by Christian Woergaard from the Skylab Pilots project who gave him a tour of Skylab, while Blas shared information about his background and his interests. Christian told Blas about the startup Vulcur Medtech who was looking to recruit student employees. Next, Christian introduced Blas to Otto Ømann, the CTO of Vulcur Medtech, who took one look at him and said: "You can start today". Blas took the offer without any hesitation. 

“I do CAD modelling or rather I am learning to do it, because it is a new software which I haven’t used before. Other than that, I do 3D printing and prototype testing. If they (red. Vulcur) get new some equipment that they haven’t tried before, then my job is do research and take measurements, and essentially figure out how to use it,” says. 

Blas now works on the Vulcur project two days a week between classes. After two weeks of training, Otto said: "We would like to hire you".

"I was happily surprised, because I did not even expect to earn money. I would have done it just for the sake of experience. Although, the money is a big help, since I have to work 12 hours per week in order to collect SU. So now, I get to earn my living as an engineer instead of working in a restaurant," says Blas, who has a French citizenship on top of his Argentinian. 

A relevant student job 
The startup that Blas works for is a part of the project called Skylab Pilots, that matches deep-tech startups with businesses, DTU students and researchers with the purpose of developing innovative solutions. Blas finds that taking part in a project like Vulcurs is a great way for engineering students to use their hands a get practical experience.

"Becoming involved with DTU Skylab really exceeded my expectations. I think Skylab has a lot to offer international students like me, who maybe do not have a lot of knowledge about the Danish job market and who are struggling to find a relevant student job," says Blas as his advice to students who are on the fence about joining Skylab. 


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