Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship (CSE), CBS, and DTU Skylab launch a joint initiative to strengthen university–based digital entrepreneurship and startups.

Joint initiative to boost digital entrepreneurship

Thursday 29 Apr 21
by Nasrin Billie


Mikkel Sørensen
Head of Centre DTU Skylab
DTU Skylab
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Diana Landaes Lundgren
Programme Manager
DTU Skylab
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About Digital Startup Generator

  • A Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship and DTU Skylab collaboration with a focus on digitalization
  • Connects and empowers technical and commercial talent to unleash their digital startup potential
  • Combines digital lab infrastructure and technology support with commercial training, business modelling and marketing skills
  • Fosters skilled and diverse team-members and state-of-the art support systems
  • Runs from January 2021 to December 2022
  • Otto Mønsteds Fond is the sponsor

How does one best combine technical skills with business acumen? That is what a new joint initiative between DTU and CBS is seeking to explore.  

As part of the newly established strategic CBS-DTU partnership to overcome societal challenges, Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship (CSE), which is CBS's innovation hub, and DTU Skylab, which is DTU's equivalent, are joining forces in a new initiative called “Digital Startup Generator”. The collaboration will boost student entrepreneurship with a digital backbone. The method is matching commercial and technological talent and facilitating interface with industry, lab experiments and networks with research environments.

“The Digital Startup Generator project is a great opportunity for DTU Skylab to design and prototype activities together with CSE that can bring entrepreneurial minds with different academic backgrounds together in addressing societal challenges but also explore new digital opportunities – ideally in new ventures. With this valuable support from the Otto Mønsteds Foundation, we are able to accelerate our focus on bringing hub-ambitions and entrepreneurship support from CSE and Skylab closer together, and we are super excited to begin experimenting with cracking the code to boosting more cross-disciplinary startups in Copenhagen," says Mikkel Sørensen, Head of DTU Skylab. 

Strategic ambitions
Digital Startup Generator is a focused initiative to foster interdisciplinary startups and innovation in digitalization. It adds a new entrepreneurship layer to the existing Pilothub partnership, a hub for digital technologies among DTU, ITU, CBS and UCPH. The research departments, amongst others DTU Compute and CBS Department of Digitalisation, ensure a strong technology validation and expertise, e.g in robotics, AI and IoT, into the partnership. The Digital Startup Generator initiative will enable CSE and DTU Skylab to bring new interdisciplinary digital startup solutions to life and ensure higher likelihood of market success by matching commercial and technical talents already from the early stages of the startups. In addition, by engaging an Advisory board of Industry representatives, the project will strive to expose and validate the solutions to real industrial settings.

“There is so much music in working closely together with our good friends at DTU Skylab and this strategic partnership around the Digital Startup Generator has the potential to become a whole little symphony of its own. We combine the best of our practical and academic set up across the two universities and I believe that this project not only will kick-start a lot of great new digital startups but also a new chapter in our shared value creation across our universities,” says Andreas Gjede, Head of Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship. 

The partners aim to:

  • Strengthen existing digital-based startups through business hacks and digital hacks that empower DTU and CBS students to challenge and subsequently optimize each other’s business and technical startup case
  • Create new CBS-DTU teams through ideation and industry challenge-based hackathons with particular emphasis on interdisciplinary team-work and skill combinations
  • Facilitate talent match-making between commercial and technical students and startups by supporting startups in formulating talent and skills need, as well as how to onboard new members
  • Provide cross-university coaching and digital lab support through physical presence in the two hubs and by bringing technical lab to CSE and vice versa
  • Bridge-building to industry via sounding boards and industry-challenge involvement throughout various activities in order to test solutions and apply them in real commercial settings.

Read more about the new initiative here:

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