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DTU student team making sustainable and locally produced fish feed wins the main prize at DTU X-Tech spring 2021 finals

Wednesday 02 Jun 21


Thomas J. Howard
Associate Professor, Head of X-Tech & ENT Practice
DTU Entrepreneurship
+45 50 11 59 82


Danny Grydholt-Jantzen
Programme Manager
DTU Entrepreneurship
+45 91 37 00 86

DTU X-Tech Course No 42634

AQfeed worked with Grundfos to build a greener future for aqua culture. The student team is using worms, algae and sludge from fish production to make a sustainable and locally produced fish feed.

At the DTU X-Tech finals in May 2021, AQfeed, a team from the autumn 2020 DTU X-Tech course,  was the overall winner of the DKK 200,000 prize, courtesy of PreSeed Ventures. The team is now working with DHI, to make the future of farmed fish sustainable.

AQfeed comments on LinkedIn, “It has been a pleasure to participate in the DTU X-Tech Entrepreneurship course. We are thrilled and proud to have won. We want to thank all the people behind DTU X-Tech and our partner DHI for the support. The DKK 200,000 DKK will surely be put to good use!”

All participants in the DTU X-Tech finals have followed the DTU X-Tech Entrepreneurship course which mainly consists of business-to-business projects from external companies and from research and technology projects at DTU. On the course, the students are placed in teams of master students from different fields of study, who are mixed with students from CBS and Copenhagen Business Academy. The teams work for 15 weeks to commercialize their technology projects.

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Thomas J. Howard, Head of the DTU X-Tech Entrepreneurship course, “All though this is an entrepreneurship programme, we still have contributions from large established industry. They want to come to DTU and see whether they can stimulate new start-up businesses, which maybe they will acquire at a later stage. Or maybe those start-up businesses could be potential suppliers or customers to them”.

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DTU X-Tech finals spring 2021

The DTU X-Tech finals celebrate the achievements of all the teams in the spring 2021 semester and find the winner of the three nominated finalists from the autumn 2020 semester. It is also the last exam of the course and done “Lion’s Den style” where the teams pitch their business and do a tech demo.

Runners up to the main prize from the autumn 2020 course were BBA, working to make the world’s best and safest industrial glue gun and DiaSense, who are using DTU research to do early stage cancer recurrence detection.

The three finalists selected for the spring 2021 edition of DTU X-Tech finals, each winning 20,000 DKK courtesy of Pre Seed Ventures were Uvisa, a team from DTU’s Master of Technology Entrepreneurship programme, SensiMate, a team working on a case sponsored by Carlsberg Research Laboratory and Peater, a Next Generation Water Action case team. 

Mia Wagner from Nordic Female Founders presented the awards to the finalists and winners. 

Winning team of the best tech demo prize of DKK 25,000, courtesy of Otto Bruuns fond was AgroPrint, a student team from DTU’s Master of Technology Entrepreneurship programme.

AgroPrint and Uvisa have subsequently been enrolled in the Skylab Incubator programme where they will continue working on their solutions and start-ups and will join the DTU cohort in the European Venture Programme.

One of the Lions at the finals Eva M. Holst comments on the event, “As a lion it was indeed a pleasure to participate and see so many dedicated and talented people. You will make things happen”.

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A special thanks to

Partners of DTU X-Tech

Next Generation Water Action (Rambøll Fonden, Grundfos Fonden, DTU Miljø, DTU Skylab)
AI in Denmark (Industriens Fond)
Carlsberg Research Lab
Novo Nordisk
DTU Innovation Partners (DTU Skylab)

Prize sponsors 

PreSeed Ventures
Otto Bruuns Fond

The lions

Mia Wagner, Anne Malberg Horsager, Alexander Clarke, Michael Kai Petersen, Steffen Ernst, Ole Niss, Jakob Andersen, Eva M. Holst-Andersen, Niclas de Souza Hannisdal, Peter Jespersen, Thor Rigtrup Larsen, Levke Ubben and Troels Keldmann.

And thank you to all the participating student teams, teaching assistants, photographer and to DTU Skylab for making it all happen in a fantastic venue!

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